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Suggestion: New Game Mode, Player vs Overlord

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tl;dr: Would anyone be interested in a game mode where the AI Director was replaced by a single player who tried to take down four heroes (1v4 PvP)? If so, would you want to play as the Overlord (AI Director) or a player?

Strawpoll: Would you be interested in playing in Overlord vs. Player Mode?

Strawpoll: Would you want to play as an Overlord or a Player?

I used to play Fable Legends when it was in beta before development was shut down. The game was based on the premise that four heroes played against another player, who acted as the AI Director, controlling which mobs spawned and how they acted through an overhead view of the map. Given that this is similar to Vermintide, I was wondering if there was any interest in the community for this type of mode.


From the player perspective, nothing would necessarily change; however, there would need to be development to support the controls for the playable AI Director (Overlord) view. The Overlord would have a Troops meter, which gradually regenerates throughout the course of the game, and this meter would be used to summon special units, swarms, patrols, etc. Additionally, the Overlord can give items to the player (healing items, potions, bombs, and ammo) in order to increase their resource meter faster. This would help to pace the fighting for the players while also allowing for more challenging strategies from the Overlord.

I recognize that FatShark has more important things to focus on at this time, so this is just a question to gauge the level of interest in the community to see if it even merits review or even development hours some day. Naturally, balancing would take precedence over this because a PvP mode will require a fully balanced game.

In any event, thank you for taking the time to read this. Please comment with any feedback, suggestions, or criticisms. Happy Hunting!

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