Warhammer: Vermintide

Suggestion Thread for new weapons!

warhammer 6 - Suggestion Thread for new weapons!

Let's have a fun thread where we suggest new weapons for the Ubersreik 5. I'll begin with my suggestions, focusing on ranged weaponry.

Kruber: Grenade Launching Blunderbuss

A very devastating weapon specialized in rending even the toughest armour, breaking the toughest shield and rending the foulest of flesh. Very low ammunition capacity, lobbed medium range and excruciatingly long reloads!

Saltzpyre: Swivel Gun!

Originally a piece of artillery attached to a coach or a ship, the witch hunter brings this modified devastating piece with him in the fray, hoping to tear asunder the biggest of heretics. Due to the size of the harpoons, he can only carry 2 at a time, but fear not, for these projectile can be recovered from your foe's tattered bodies! Just make sure to not shoot straight up, you might look for a while

Bardin: Blasting Charge for Ranger Vet and Torpedo Cannon for Ironbreaker!


The Blasting charge is similar to a grenade. However, the Ranger can carry multiple charges and even leave them on the ground to set a safety perimeter! Alternate to set a piece without detonating it, and again to set it off! As for the Torpedo Cannon, a specialized moving artillery piece capable of incapacitating the largest monster!

Kerillian: Starfire bow!

Cleanse the corruption with this armor piercing bow! Comes with cool visual that'll let you cosplay as Princess Zelda.

Sienna: Liquid Flame staff!

Ever felt like spewing lava to the face of your enemies? You can now with this low-mid range staff! Lob cascade of liquid Aqshy onto the vermintide! Want your back covered? No problem, as this staff alternate fire allows you to put a slowing, damaging AoE on the ground! Watch out for friendly fire!

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