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Suggestions after 12 hours of playing Beta

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Hey, everyone, this is my thoughts about the game so far. First off I would like to thank the developers for putting so much time into this game. I played the first game a bit but not a hardcore player. I've done some video game QA for a bit myself when I was younger so I know how hard it is to find all the bugs. So I'm glad I can try to help.

Subclass Access

I don't agree with the current unlocking system for subclasses. I know this has been brought up but please hear me out. Currently, I play the elf as my main have been playing the "Archer" character in all games since I could remember (I'm 34). I play with a buddy who's main is the Witchhunter. We have found it hard to find games as everyone is playing mostly those two characters in the beta. I wouldn't mind switching to another characters subclass but all the playstyles I enjoy I have to go through the subclasses that don't interest me (I do know this is beta but I have a feeling those two classes will still be sought after on release). For example, I wouldn't mind playing the dwarf slayer but I have to go through two play styles that make me not enjoy the game. I do know people want to feel progression and in a few games, I'll unlock all the subclasses so what is the issue in the grand scheme of things? Well for one I don't have the unlimited amount of game time as I use to. As well as playing those other subclasses brings me no enjoyment.

How to fix

I would say make it so you can play any subclass you want. There is plenty of progression in other elements of the game. I still have to get gear, move up difficulty levels, complete heroic deed quests. By giving me the ability to play the subclasses I want I'd be willing to try other characters.

Acount/Character Leveling

Make leveling of the character across the board. So if Kerlian/Elf is level 5 that means all other characters are level 5 as well.


This makes it so I can move around my other characters so even if they don't have gear at least I have talents to give them a boost. So if my buddy who just got the game really likes to play elf and has even less time then I do to play. I can switch to something else and still help him out and in a sense somewhat carry him. This also opens up groups to be more flexible as well to switch characters. You can even make the experience needed to level a little higher for those who need to feel progression.


Talent Tree/Subclass Synergy

Some subclasses don't feel like they really work well until they get their talents unlocked at higher levels. This is just an observation in my eyes. Some would just say get better at the game but that isn't what I'm talking about. I'm not saying the character can't perform. I'm saying some classes don't feel like they come together until they have key talents unlocked to perform well.

How to fix

My solution would probably be a little too grand scheme at this point of production. So I guess I'd suggest looking into passives and career skills to give the extra push needed to fill in gaps. For an example, I like the concept of Handmaiden a lot. The problem I have is while playing it I don't feel like I have all the tools needed to really get into the meat and potatoes of the subclass until I get to level 20. Then I have some solid talents like Triumph of the Cadai and Khaine's Thirst to really get the synergy rolling. As well as other talents that make me function as an off-tank/support like character.


The game has a lot of positives which is why I'm spending the time to type all this. The potential for this game is visible and I wish for it to succeed. So my suggestions are more geared to help improve the gameplay and mechanics of the game. So when release comes the developers can spend more time on adding new content and the QA team can focus on fixing new content instead of current content.

Fun Idea/Twitch Integration

Have twitch integration where if 4 streamers are playing or twitch subs are invited to join a streamers game there can be chat voted events that happen. If the team accomplishes those events the loot at the end gets better. If the event isn't completed and the team wipes the monsters or monster is despawned and the team is brought back to life with injuries and some health.

P.S. Might make a video of my suggestions as it might be easier to do so with gameplay examples and discussion of the talent trees.

Thanks for reading!

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