Warhammer: Vermintide

Suggestions For Battle Wizard Redesign

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  1. Make BW's gameplay different enough to that of the Pyromancer.

  2. Make BW competetive with Pyromancer and Unchained.

  3. Make all her talents viable and all her talent choices interesting, i.e. let different talents enable different playstyles and avoid situations where one talent is clearly the best choice for all players.

Suggested changes

Active ability

Same as it is now, but with a 30 second cooldown and no flame trail (make the flame trail a lvl 25 talent choice). Most importantly, let Sienna pass THROUGH enemies with this ability. Currently, she can't.


  • Remove Tranquility.

  • Change Reckless Haste to always give a consistent charge speed bonus. The bonus should be very noticeable but not huge. I suggest 20-30%.

NOTE: For heat management we'll use lvl 15 talents rather than a passive.

LVL 5 talent choice:

  • +25% Stamina Regen

  • +1 Stamina Shield

  • +5% Attack Speed

LVL 10 talent choice:

  • +5% Power per each nearby enemy (up to 5) (same as it is now)

  • +8% Spell Charge Speed

  • +20% Power when no enemies nearby

LVL 15 talent choice:

  • Each melee hit reduces Overcharge by a small amount

  • Active venting doesn't cost any health, but is twice as slow

  • Passive Overcharge dissipation rate is (at least) twice as fast

LVL 25 talent choice:

  • Create a flame trail after teleporting. The flame trail should be able to kill Chaos Fanatics on Legend.

  • Get a Flame Shield buff after teleporting. Flame Shield behaves exactly like Gromril Armor – it lasts until you get hit and absorbs the damage from that hit.

  • Perform a stronger AOE explosion at the point of arrival. The explosion should be able to kill Chaos Fanatics on Legend and stagger any Elites.

The removal of "Overcharge reset on ability use" talent is meant to make the gameplay different to that of Unchained and Pyromancer, and to make BW rely on her chosen lvl15 talent for heat management.

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