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Suggestions for Q+C for more diversity, fun and overall game replayability.

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With a lot of the negative influx lately as well as Hedge taking a break, it got me to thinking of ways to bring some constructive input in a way that might help the game as well as the community to enjoy or continue enjoying Vermintide.

I know there are lots of areas that need adjustments or fixes, but for the sake of not having this post become a chaotic mess, I figured I'd focus on Quests and Challenges for now (primarily Quests, as challenges seem to be fairly broad already and could maybe just use minor tweaks regarding the rewards and such). I want to offer some suggestions and I'd love to hear suggestions from others as well, as my opinions may or may not parallel those of others within the community and would like to know how people feel.

To get to the point, I feel like the current quest system is boring and bland. I'm sure most people agree, it could be more engaging…but rather than just complain, how about we talk about what could make it better?

Here's my idea. Scrap the current 3 option quest system and bring back a system similar to the bounty board. Rather than have just 3 quests, how about offer 10 quests in a tentative list, but we can only pick and complete X per day or X per week. This gives people the option to pick quests that appeal to them and discard others, rather than be stuck with 3 and only 3 until the timer resets.

Now for the quests themselves (this is where I would love to see suggestions) they are boring. "Retrieve 3 tomes" "Retrieve 2 grims" "Complete X levels with X character" are just what we do anyway. This doesn't offer any new challenges, it's just basically saying "play the game". This doesn't make me care to grind through a level for any specific reason other than because I'm logged in and want to play anyway.

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It would be cool to see more creative quests. Off the top of my head I'll just make some up on a whim that could be more entertaining.

  • Complete level without healing yourself (whether that mean you just dont heal yourself or perhaps the quest force you to equip NB).

  • Kill a monster without using ranged weapons

  • Complete a level with X number of SV or Special kills via headshot.

  • Achieve X number of revives on allies (promotes team preservation as you'd have teammates all rushing to beat each other to that revive)

  • Complete level without being put out of action (you can go down, but no dying allowed or it's a failure)

  • Bring back the old bounties of killing X number of enemies with grenades, etc

  • Complete level with less than X amount of FF on teammates

I would also suggest quests such as "Complete Legend level with 0 reds equipped" but I realize some suggestions may tiptoe on elements that could make gameplay more frustrating for teamplay or teammates so it can be tricky.

I know not all suggestions might not be perfect, but I'd love to see ideas for quests or systems from others, too. If you could design a quest, what would it be?

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