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Suggestions for Wizard

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Flamestorm Staff: When you are charging it and get interrupted by something, your charge disappears. Either make it so your charge stays when getting interuppted so you don't take heat for no reason, or make it so you charge way before hand, retain that same level of heat, until you discharge your staff. Right now it is very hard to use this staff when you are surrounded by enemies when you can easily spam conflag, beam, or even fireball staff.

Melee weapons: Once again the normal sword is the best weapon by a large margin. The flaming sword now has armour penetration but has a wonky attack pattern and over all does very little damage compared to the normal sword. The ceremonial dagger is better than it was but still garbage. The mace is a lot like it was in the first game, decent if you spend the time to get used to it, but still worse than the normal sword. Not really sure what to do about this, it would take a lot of work in order to get all of her weapons up to par with the sword.

Fireball Staff: Better than it was in the first game but still not good. I think the best buffs for it would be either increase the AoE of the fireball or allow you to spam the fireballs a lot faster than you can now.


Pyromancer: Definitely the weakest of the three classes. People have suggested giving her channeling rune from the first game which would help her cool down like the other two classes can. Her active is a weaker trueflight. It takes a long time to cast it, it doesn't go for the target you marked, its velocity is incredibly slow, it chases the nearest target that gets in its path, and it only kills 3/4 light enemies or 1 heavy one. I have seen it go after a target, kill it, and then bounce into the ground and into space effectively making its effectiveness 0. Buffing its velocity to 2-3x what it is now, or at least slightly faster than arrows/bullets would help it be the "instant" killer it needs to be. As well as making it more like trueflight/bolt staff from the old game, where it will go off after the target you paint and then seek nearby targets after. Or, allow it to be spammed much more frequently to supplement damage and special killing.

Overall, Sienna feels weaker than the other heroes while having to manage the heat mechanic to attempt to keep up with them. The sword/beam staff/conflag staff are great examples of where her other weapons need to be. And, the pyromancer class to too weak compared to the other options. If they were to buff her to make her a monster against hordes while retaining the option to become a semi-special killer with bolt/beam staff, she would play and feel much better than she does now.

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