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suggestions to improve the game(vermintide 2)

warhammer 4 - suggestions to improve the game(vermintide 2)

hello everyone.

It has been a while since I started playing this game (vermintide 2), and having much fun with it, and because I love this game I have some suggestions that may improve the game. Also I mostly played with bots because of my location I can’t have good ping to have fun playing co-op with others.

Sorry if it’s a bit long.

Game mechanics:

-buff red items and add higher tier weapons (purple background with red tier skin). right now other than maxed stats there is no point in getting red items, sure they have glowing marks but not enough, I suggest increasing their power to 675 and as for higher tier weapon they are 675-700 with increased maxed stats like instead of 5% crit chance you get 8-10% chance or instead of 30% you get 40%. chance for getting higher tier is half the red item and to craft it you have to use 10 red dust. this way endgame grind is more rewarding and more fun.

-Champion and legendary cosmetics (ones that will be unlocked after doing all missions on champion and legendary difficulty) have stats bonuses:

Hero skin:5% damage reduction for champion and 10%for legendary.

As for headgear cosmetics:5% walking speed boost on champion and 10% for legendary cosmetics.

also if you unlocked these cosmetics for a career you can craft those stats on other cosmetics of that carrier for 5 orange dust. you can also remove these stats for a skin for free too if you don’t want it the bonus.

-allow having 1-4 other characters present at base (taal's horn keep): may seem unnecessary but I’d like to hear dialogues between them.



-increase range of all buffs by 5-10 meters.

-waystalker and bounty hunter:

-allow aiming with “trueshot volley” and “locked and loaded” ability (holding left mouse button).


-waystalker’s “loaded bow” skill also auto headshot all types of enemies even when players not aiming at the head.

-add 1 instant revive and 1 respawn after death when playing solo and ONLY with bots: bots running off to their business or stuck somewhere and you are at end of mission dying. this is most annoying thing.

-1 bots prioritize taking down specials in proximity 20 meters of downed character and player and 1 reviving the downed: a flamethrower rat stood on top of me and pushing bots back and bots try to revive me, and I died.

-limit monsters spawn per level: i killed 2 monsters in skittergate and had to kill 2 more at end of level. honestly atleast limit their spawn to 1 in all boss missions.

-add heal me order for bots. you see when all bots have bandages and you are in middle of a boss fight they forget you exist and no matter how hard you try they won’t help you. source: skittergate boss fight on legend difficulty

-bots prioritize using bandages for healing than elixirs when we are near boss room: often they pick up elixir and use it than pick up bandages and as I mentioned I prefer they giving me potions than healing me.

-bots wasting heal when I entered final encounter. example: in war camp as soon as i jumped down all of them wasted their heals and I couldn’t order them to go pick up unused ones before boss room.

-bots teleport to player if monster spawned or horde attacked: sometimes bots get stuck for some reason or there is a patrol in front of them so instead of hiding they charge in on patrols or just stuck during ambush, horde attack or monster fight.

thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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