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"Sup". Today I want to talk about an OG in the Vermintide community. With the release of Vermintide 2 there has been a lot of new traffic on the site and many of you may not be familiar. In Vermintide 1 he is the publisher of the "Quality of Life" mod pack as well as the arbiter of the anti-cheat functionality included within. In Vermintide 2 he is the single person you want to go to when it comes to obscure questions like "does this particular talent work off-host at the moment?". To say that his work in Vermintide 1 is deserving of employment is an understatement and it will be in Vermintide 2 as well. Despite his technical background, Grim is currently playing the game and coding on a fully loaded baked potato. I'd personally love to see more out of Grimalackt as a

and so would others. A good friend and supporter of mine said that he would be the first to donate towards a new rig for Grim should the means be made available so it has been done!

If you want to support Grim's new PC so he can live stream, make more Youtube videos and continue to contribute to the modding community then you can do so here.

If you want to read up on who Grim is and what to expect him to bring to the table you can check out his Youtube channel, the most recent QOL update for Vermintide 1, and this little post from 11 months ago or so. The response has been dope so far – let's keep the hype train rolling! <3

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