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Taking a moment to consider sound design

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As the title suggests, I would like to discuss the sound design in this (these) game(s). This is strictly the design aspect, not the technical implementation.


What are your favourite sounds in the game? And favourite music? What do you think is done well or done badly?


My opinions (I'll try to keep it short… could talk for hours about this) :


Personally I think the thematic link between the two games is handled exceptionally well, complemented by the score. The types of instrumentation used across all the music, the pacing and the tone are all spot on. One thing I've noticed is that a lot of the music has quite regular beat patterns that give a strong feeling of a 'time' element – that is, it makes you think you have to get shit done pronto. I also like that it manages to capture the warhammer 'feel'. It's mostly minor or slightly atonal. You never feel jolly with it, which is how it should be. It gives the impression of being under attack all the time and it's exciting. Fave atm is the Bile Troll theme.



I also like the horde sound effects. It instantly conveys the fact you're about to get horded on, and it's reminiscent of the sound effects used in various films – notably the Germanic horde at the start of Gladiator. I also like how the game is somewhat dependant on the sound, which isn't actually all that common in video games. It's not a game I'd like to play without the sound on because it warns you about so much. In contrast, I've been playing Warframe a lot recently and I haven't listened to the audio in it for most of that time because it's basically unnecessary.


Obviously, the voice work is awesome. The script and interplay between the characters brings some much needed levity and actually makes you care more about the members of your team. (assuming the players don't do something to make you care a bit less…….)


I could go on…. but how about you?

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