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Talent ballance Feedback.

warhammer 2 - Talent ballance Feedback.

WoM has been out a while now and I think we've all experimented enough to have a feel for the new gameplay. Overall I love the new talents, but there are a few that stand out as needing a little work.

I'm not trying to place myself as the resident expert here, this is just from my experience as i try to ballance my time between all the classes, if i'm off the mark please chip in.

Crushing CounterBlow -Ironbreaker

Thematically I love Crushing Counterblow, the big issue is that time spent passively blocking is very inefficient since you could stagger or damage enemies in that time, 5% per block for a SINGLE attack truly is not a good tradeoff, especially considering a push or slam will use up the buff. This is the sort of talent that should define your playstyle, but it really just doesnt feel that noticable.

Compare this to simply having 5% for all actions for each nearby ally on the same talent row, handmaidens 10% on all actions for not being hit, Footknights 15% for staggering an elite… it simply isnt worth it.

I suggest ONE of two buffs: 1- DRASTICALLY increase the buff. when I first saw this talent I had in mind a Greataxe build where i would methodically build up for a ultimate sweep, hitting much slower than a Slayer but much harder… imagine if you gained 10%-15% per block. Its only for one single attack and it takes time to build, let it hit like a damn truck

2- let the buff effect more than one attack. Perhaps we lose one stack of the buff for every attack we make, which would feel thematically methodical.

Dawi Defiance -Ironbreaker

I dont think RNG should be used on an ability that would be used only in super-clutch situations, I think it would be used more if it was simply on a cooldown like Unchained's vent ability. It already has to compete with Ironbreakers best talent so it should at very least be something you can rely on and plan around.

Its Hero Time – Foot Knight

Again this is one i like the theme for, you pick foot knight when you want to be the guardian of the team, however planning around failure never feels sensible, especially when he has two powerful talents on the same row. This is why nobody uses +respawn speed.


Two options:

1- Give it a smaller passive that is active all the time that improves when allies go down, so you'd always have +5% movespeed even when an ally isnt down.

2- Boost the buff so you also gain +33% revive speed AND providing both yourself and your ally a big defense boost after a succesful revive.

Taal's Champion – Foot Knight

Great theme, but I think you're better off taking Merc if you're going for power, it just feels like a selfish pick on a team-oriented character. Perhaps allies could still be affected by half the strength of the aura, rather thand disabling it completely.

Master Huntsman – Huntsman

Some maps dont even have Monsters, its too much of a gamble. I'd suggest it being an incrimental buff based on elite kills like for Saltz, or a complete overhaul.

Rejuvinating Focus – Waystalker

Great talent, but its frustrating for Zealots. I just think there should be some way for Zealots to choose not to be affected, because currently i dont take this perk just in case I come across a Zealot and ruin his day.

Ricochet – Waystalker

Very cool and skill based, however just for quality of life i'd like to see the arrows lose friendly fire after they bounce, because its far too easy to accidentally hit allies based on weird map geometry.

Shadowstep – Shade

Seems like a direct downgrade from Cloak of Pain. Might be a bit compex, but what if this changed the ability to a targeted one like Waystalkers- and the shade teleports behind the targeted enemy. nothing personel.

Whoosh – Battlewiz

Direct downgrade from teleporting twice. Either the range should be buffed beyond the distance that can be achieved with Burnout or it should come with an additional buff, perhaps a build-in cooldown reduction.

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