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Talents, Properties, and Traits, Oh My!

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I don't know about you all, but I'd love to see the next major balance patch focus on overhauling talents, properties, and traits. There seem to be a lot lot of non-choices among the talents/properties/traits and this reduces build variety — which is a shame since I personally love experimenting and theory crafting. I have far too many hours logged in POE, Grim Dawn, Diablo 3, etc…

Talents: The talents in each tier should be of at least roughly equal weight/value. However, right now, there is usually only one optimal choice (or occasionally two) that greatly outweighs the others.

Note 1: DPS talents are generally preferred over defensive talents because defensive talents can be usually be compensated for by skilled play. This means most defensive talents aren't chosen unless they are amazing (for example., Slayer, IB, and Zealot)

Note 2: Mixing DPS and defensive talents in the same tier may be contributing to the trade-off problem above.

Note 3: Temp health on kill in tier 4 is a mandatory choice for nearly every class. There have been numerous posts on the subject. I personally lean toward making this a base ability of every subclass and using tier 4 for something else.

Note 4: The current talents often don't synergize and don't seem to aim at specific build/weapon loadouts. They often feel random — like there was no build in mind when they were created. For example, the attack speed talents on Pyro or the jumbled talents on BW. This is confusing and seems like a design problem.


Traits: Some traits are never used since they are of marginal value compared to the other choices. Stamina on headshot, increased damage on block, and shield on teammate save are the primary offenders.

Properties: There are many few properties that are almost never used, either because they are a poor choice compared to the other options or they don't really synergize well with the subclasses and the game's emphasis on kill speed. The worst offenders are +damage to beserkers, -chaos/skaven/area damage on neck, block angle, and block cost reduction.

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Note 1: On block angle and block cost reduction. They are usable, but, with parry, they're sort of pointless. This may be more an issue with how parry works (not limited to block angle and no internal CD) than with the properties.

Note 2: Curse Resistance is a major issue. It's essentially a mandatory property and reduces build variety. It eliminates the use of many of the trinket properties, some of which are unique to trinket.

There are other QOL improvements that need to be implemented, of course. Like red dust. But these are the larger, conceptual balance issues that bug me the most. If you agree, upvote!

It seems that posts that get more traction here actually get developer attention as per Robin's comments this week. In short, you're voting for development priorities with your upvotes.

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