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Temp health and why it could be a constant problem for V2

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Before I get into it I would like say that this is my personal opinion and I would love to hear what others think on the topic. tldr at the end.

Bloodlust and regrowth have played a huge role, probably the largest, in vermintide 1 and its meta. Certain weapons weren't up to par based on trait combos they could get plus good healing, some had insane healing potential and so on. I can see why FS wanted to move away from this and I fully support their choice to not make healing a trait (rng based and rolled per weapon). I, however, do not support the idea of temp health being the only way to "heal" outside of med kits, draughts and waystalker passive (I might have missed one or two). It makes it too difficult to balance such an important part of vermintide.

So temp health can work in a few ways:

  • 1) Constantly depleting: Loadouts on the low dps chart cannot keep up with the depletion rate or high dps loadouts abuse it for insane healing

  • 2) Delay before depleting: Being able to constantly deal dmg/kill things will make this act as permanent health or it is only useful against hordes and then becomes useless (promotes mistakes).

  • 3) On demand hp such as from actives or over time build up (pretty much covers mistake during hordes as afterward it will deplete and be useless)

From all the above temp health, in my opinion, should be an on-demand thing to help in those situations when needed. Its temporary after all so it should be best utilised in situations of “oh man bonus hp here would be helpful” over “oh I have hp that will deplete, let me use it for a random potion dupe, or play completely reckless without any repercussions”.

It makes any form of permanent (green) health regen insanely good and is part of the reason waystalker is overtuned at the moment, no character can really compete with her in this category outside of insane temp health regen. Also note that giving every career the exact same means of temp healing, and I am talking about the tier 4 (level 20) talent, can never be balanced as each career and loadout will function differently.


So how do I propose to change this?

Firstly, make a clear distinction between the purpose of permanent health and temporary health. Permanent health is your basic survivability and temp health is your “oh s*&%, I might need some extra hp to survive this special/boss/horde” on-demand health which depletes soon after.

Give careers, outside of waystalker, a way to regen permanent health from hits they may take during progression, hordes and other encounters but keep it low so random mistakes aren’t completely covered but enough that there is a way to minimize its impact over time (think 5% regrowth from V1) without having to spent healing items at <30% hp. One way of doing this is change regrowth/bloodlust to give permanent hp but reduce its effects. I would, however, prefer that bloodlust and regrowth are balanced on a per weapon basis as each one will use it at different efficiencies. I was hoping that each weapon would have an innate healing property added to them to make them easier to balance and remove the whole “ok, how do I get the best healing possible” as I am very sure many V1 players looked for early into V2 as it just influences so much.


Temp health is hard to balance and either underpowered or abuseable

No distinction between the roles of temp and perm health regen (temp health should be on-demand health)

Give players a minor way to restore permanent health (waystalkers passive is too high even)

Balance permanent health regen on a per weapon basis to avoid abuse from certain loadouts

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