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Temp Health Talents: Current State and Moving Forward

warhammer 9 - Temp Health Talents: Current State and Moving Forward

The recent beta has really called into question how temp health should be gained. Currently on the beta, it does not degrade for 3 seconds after gain, then degrades fairly quickly (when not downed). It is also mainly only gained through melee interactions. I think this is a step in the right direction.

I’d like to take a moment to review the talent choices available and discuss how we can make them better/more competitive with each other. Any and all numbers/proposed changes will of course need tweaking.

1) Temp health on stagger

Staggering an enemy with a melee attack grants temporary health. Health gained is based on the strength of the stagger.

Oddly, it seems to simply give 1hp per enemy staggered; the “strength” of the stagger doesn’t appear to come into the equation at all. If enemies die, they give no temp health. This is currently the “best” option for any character to have, simply because pushing grouped enemies will result in huge amounts of temp health.

My thoughts: This should be a rewarding choice for weapons that hit frequently and require multiple hits to kill common enemies. Shield weapons, 1h hammer, 2h hammer, ceremonial dagger, all come to mind. Currently, every weapon/class combo takes this option, since pushes generate HP very safely.

I would like to see this be a mix between “health on cleave” and “health on enemy hp”; bring the stagger strength into the equation! Staggering (and not killing) small enemies gets you 0.5hp. Staggering larger units (Maulers, SV, zerks) gets you 2hp, staggering CWs gets you 4hp. Pushes generate no temp health. This creates incentive to hit harder targets first, and re-up temp hp on ambient elites (but less than temp on enemy hp).

2) Temp health on cleave

Striking multiple enemies in one swing grants temporary health based on the number of targets hit. Max 5 enemies.

This one should be good, but seems to not count enemies that died during the swing. Currently no real reason to take this if you can get health on stagger instead.

My thoughts: This should be a good pick for weapons that hit many enemies while killing them. 2h empire sword, 1h sword, halberd, 2h axe, spear, all come to mind. Please change this one to count all units hit during the swing, whether they die or not. This talent should generate more temp HP during hordes than any other situation, and be dependent on them for replenishment.


3) Temp health gained per enemy health on killing blow

Melee killing blows grants temporary health based on the health of the slain enemy.

This is an interesting one, but ultimately will really only be used on classes that can get those melee elite kills consistently (Shade, Slayer, WHC, maybe Xsword Kruber?).

My thoughts: Perhaps to make this one more widely appealing, have it grant some percentage of monster HP done by the player. Even if they don’t get the killing blow, they will get some big payoff for contributing to monster kills. If WHC does not have access to this one, he should, given his special ability to instakill elites.

4) Temp health on headshots/criticals

Melee critical strikes and headshots grant 2 temporary health. Critical headshots restores twice as much.

There are only a few weapons that really benefit from this one, and they are all dual weapons. The dual elf weapons get +crit%, and the dual axes hit heads fast and hard. This talent seems to be made for the new dual swords.

My thoughts: This one has far less universal appeal, and depends on both fast attacks and high crit chance to be useful. I’m not sure if it needs buffing or more general appeal, but it is very niche right now.

5) Heal Share

Healing yourself with a First Aid Kit or a Healing Draught also heals your nearby allies for 20% of their maximum health. Removes any wounds.

Not technically temp health, but it is the other option on every class. You probably want temp health on a “frontliner” class, but a more support or “ranged” class can make great use of this.

My thoughts: This one is in a good place right now, although I would include using a healkit on an ally to also proc the team healshare.

In conclusion, I like the way that development is going with these choices. However they could be much better with a few tweaks! I’d love to talk about Natural Bond vs other picks too (since literally everyone is using it now), but this post is long enough as-is.

What are your thoughts/responses?


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