Warhammer: Vermintide

Temp HP talents mostly useless?

warhammer 5 - Temp HP talents mostly useless?

Only pushes and shield bashes into thick hordes seem to give "good proper amounts" of temp hp.

I was hoping flame sword would be usefull for something, but since apparently enemy dies=not staggered=no temp HP, it's still an useless piece of shit. It just feels it's better to take NB+heal share on nearly every career, which is not much different from the situation we were at before: Pick this talent, or suffer from not having any HP. I'm glad temp HP doesn't play that big of a role anymore, but if the other choices are clearly bad compared to the "best" talent, why bother with temp HP at all. Just make everything green or something.


Things where I have gotten actual meaningfull amounts of temp HP from:
Dual swords shade, crit/hs
Rapier WHC, crit/hs

Shield bash/pushes with stagger, so only weapons with high stamina can get any meaningfull amount of it. And shields still seem a downgrade from other weapons apart from the temp HP gain.

Cleave has so far been completely useless, except on Flail Zealot, on strong attack. Doesn't really matter, since I always use temp hp from skill, so it's rarely a problem.

I mostly play alone with bots, sometimes 1-2 buddies with me if they feel like playing. All careers cleared on Legend.


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