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The Absolute State of Kerillian (VO, not balance)

chivalry screenshot1 - The Absolute State of Kerillian (VO, not balance)

So, as VO is probably still being put into the game, I think it's not too late to raise some concerns. Or rather, just one. Because right now there's a definite problem with one of the characters. Just hear me out.

Yes, the characters can't be the exact same as they were in V1, and her other careers may very well act different, but at the moment we're dealing with Waystalker, which is, let's face it, very likely going to be one of her most played careers, and also the most straightforward progression from V1. Yes, it is pointed out she's more bitter about the world outside Athel Loren, and no, I am not asking for her to become a goodie-two-shoes heroine. Yes, I know she has a few lines that aren't what I'll complain about, and her interactions with the wizard are on a pretty even level.

But in my experience, Kerillian has kind of turned into a one-dimensional paper mache caricature of herself, and it's getting on my nerves. I don't think I'm alone.

Anyone who's played the beta for any length of time will have noticed that characters in general are a little bit more shallow and banter a little bit more than usual. Most of this I'd attribute to VO still being put in, and career lines still being limited, plus there being no ambient conversations, V1 placeholders taking their place instead. Kerillian however… her new lines are a little bit of a problem.

She’s lost her subtlety and depth from V1, now she’s just an obnoxious sarcastic as*hole 99.99999% of the time, unless it’s a level line or a reused V1 line. No solemnity, no ‘mysteriousness’, no appreciation for anyone at all. It’s just sass, sass, sass, sass 24/7, every single damn line is sass. I groaned when she went “Mine is a tale of heroism, you’re simply ” when a horde was coming. That was really, REALLY bad.


I truly do hope they tone her down for the next versions, because she’s become something the V1 elf avoided being by an absolute hair. Right now at most she’ll pass for a very odd take on comic relief.

I may shit on the elf all the time but I did legitimately find her to have been well written back then, right now, however, all she ever does is whine, complain, snark and ridicule. Even the voice actress doesn’t seem to be putting in the same effort, sounding way too shallow. It’s so, so, so grating, I just hope it’s the result of the majority of the new lines not having been put in yet.

There's a very big difference between a racist, narcissistic, self-absorbed borderline alien creature with a very strange mindset, and a one-dimensional, obnoxious, sassy bi*ch who you just want to never hear again after she insult-compliments you for the eleventeenth time.

I'd ask the devs in charge of the VO to maybe have these lines trigger less often, and maybe see if you have different takes of Alix Wilton Reagan doing these, because this gets extremely grating. Doesn't she have more generic lines for compliments and other commentary? I'm already sick of her within 40 hours of playing, and I never got sick of anyone in 800 hours of V1.

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