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The Axes (not the dual variety): My Criticisms

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I love axes. There's something about them that just appeals to me. I guess it's the unusual aesthetic of looking both elegant and brutish at the same time.

In V1, the Greataxe and the 1-Handed Axe were jointly probably my two favorite weapons in the game.

I loved them because they were powerful in the right hands, but still had significant weaknesses that made up for their power. If you knew how to play them, you could be effective, whilst still feeling like you weren't just playing the most OP thing that month.

In V2 however, they seem to have taken a bit of a hit. They feel more sluggish and unresponsive.

Just for shits, I booted up V1 for the first time since V2 came out, and I was shocked at how much better the axes felt.

In V2, the one-hander is quite a bit slower, and in return it gains the ability to cleave slighty better. I would much rather have the V1 style axe, where it only ever hits one target at a time, but feels fast and punchy. The only thing that feels slightly smoother in V2 is the charged attack. I don't know if this is a popular opinion or not, but I'll give my own selfish opinion: Fatshark, please just revert back to the V1 style axe. Pretty please? It felt so much nicer. It felt like a weapon that was powerful, but still rewarded skill. In V1, if you wanted to be good with the onehander, your dodge game had to be on fu*king point. If it was, you could absolutely shred stormvermin and smaller groups, whilst doing good boss damage and at least some degree of horde killing. It was fantastic.


As for the Greataxe, my only real gripe is how slow the block is. Yeah, I get it, the idea is that it's heavy, and it's therefor difficult to get back into position. But the weapon in my opinion doesn't do enough damage to warrant that, but much more to the point, it just makes it feel like the weapon is not doing what you are telling it to do. That just flat out doesn't feel good. It feels broken and unresponsive, especially the third light attack, where you honestly start to wonder if there is something wrong with the mouse.

On top of that, it's not like either one of these weapons were broken or overpowered in the first game. They were good, but not absolute top tier by any means.

On a broader note, I'm not sure I like stats like attack speed and power vs. I think they place an additional moving part into balancing, because instead of just working with the base stats of the weapon, you now have to take into account bonus stats like the ones I just mentioned.

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