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The biggest changes and additions since release of Vermintide 2 (PC)

warhammer 1 - The biggest changes and additions since release of Vermintide 2 (PC)

🐀 New Content

(DLC) Shadows over BögenhafenAugust 2018

  • 2 maps
  • Unique hats, recolored outfits and illusions with purple glow available in Lohner's Emporium (50 shillings each)


(DLC) Back to UbersreikDecember 2018

  • 3 remastered maps from Vermintide 1
  • 1 challenging secret map, which needs to be unlocked by completing puzzles
  • 1 weapon for each of the five characters


(DLC) Winds of MagicAugust 2019

  • 1 map
  • 1 weapon for each of the five characters with some career restrictions
  • (race) Beastmen – 6 new enemy units
  • (gamemode) Cataclysm – new difficulty above Legend
    • No new loot (rewards are Legend vaults)
    • Couple new character frames for completing maps
  • (gamemode) Weaves

    This seasonal gamemode consists of short missions of increasing difficulty. The missions use pieces of old maps with a new objective (kill enemies, cap a point, deliver an item). Each mission is influenced by one of the eight winds of magic. The wind changes the look of the mission and adds a modifier, which adds a twist to the gameplay. The gamemode has separated progression from the main game.


Q1 2020
  • 3 maps
  • Funded by Lohner's Emporium (see below)


(DLC) Grail KnightJune 2020

  • 5th career for Markus Kruber <link to lore>
  • 2 weapons: Bretonnian Longsword (all Kruber careers), Bretonnian Sword + Shield (GK exclusive)
  • DLC sold in two parts, one for gameplay and the other for cosmetic items + challenges (note: most cosmetic items need to be unlocked through challenges or Lohner's Emporium)

Grail Knight is too proud to use ranged weapons, instead opting to carry two melee weapons. GK can provide solid damage, crowd control with a shield and support for his team in the form of duties (new mechanic).


(gamemode) Weekly mutatorFebruary 2019

  • Unique mutators, sometimes in combination with deed mutators, which change weekly
  • Some of the mutators have made a comeback several times
  • No extra reward, even though the gamemode is typically challenging
  • Examples:
    • Week 1: Splitting enemies
    • Week 5: No UI
    • Week 6: New special – Kamikaze Skaven
    • Anniversary Week: (map) A Quiet Drink – Our heroes embark on a journey in pursuit of alcohol.


(gamemode) Twitch mode 2.0September 2019

  • More variety than in 1.0
  • Customization options
  • Three weave modifiers added to the pool – June 2020


(gamemode) Quickplay WeavesJanuary 2020

Requires Winds of Magic DLC. Separated gamemode from "Ranked Weaves". In Quickplay Weaves the player queues for chosen difficulty and the game randomly chooses a weave map + wind combination. Completing the weave rewards a chest. Bots included.


⚖ Balance changes

"BBB": Patch 1.3November 2018

  • Level 20 temporary health talents reworked
  • "Ranged meta" nerfed
  • Weapon viability improvements
  • Various small changes to careers, talents and traits
  • More consistent dodging
  • Killing enemies no longer restores stamina


WoM: Patch 2.0August 2019

  • Dodging nerfed
  • Staggered enemies take more damage
  • Map finales scale with difficulty
  • Large-scale talent reworks
  • Level cap increased from 30 to 35


Beastmen nerfs2019

  • Arrows can be blocked within efficient block angle
  • Spearmen poke reach reduced
  • Banner buff toned down
  • Banners can be destroyed by explosive grenades
  • Beastmen are less common in general and do not spawn in city maps


"BBB 2": Patch 3.1August 2020

  • A weapon balance mod (made by veteran players) used as a blueprint
  • Small tweaks to all weapons
  • Talent reworks and small passive changes for few careers


📦 Misc

Okri's challengesMay 2018

  • In-game achievement system with chest or cosmetic rewards
  • Daily and weekly quests


Sanctioned modsJuly 2018 →

  • Can freely be used on the official realm
  • Quality of Life stuff


QoL changes2018

  • Illusion rework: Every illusion you have ever found can be repeatedly applied to a weapon without first extracting it
  • Dust conversion (from higher to lower quality)
  • Red item crafting (5 red dust required, no red illusion included)
  • Bosses and map bosses reward loot dice
  • All bosses have boss walls, respawn point always next to the wall


Keep decorationsFebruary 2019

  • Banners
  • Trophy room
  • Paintings


Weaves updated

  • Athanor progress carries over from season to season
  • Season 2 – January 2020
    • Damage scaling of high level weaves toned down considerably
    • Weaves reshuffled: new map+wind combinations & small tweaks to spawns and wind modifiers
    • Quickplay weaves (see above)
  • Season 3 – June 2020
    • Weaves reshuffled


Lohner's EmporiumJanuary 2020

  • In-game cosmetic item shop with ever expanding wares
  • (currency) Shillings can't be directly bought with real money
  • Daily quests reward 5 shillings (but no chest anymore), weekly quests reward 50 shillings each (4 per week)
  • Each paid DLC adds an extra weekly quest and a lump sum of few hundred shillings
  • Bögenhafen cosmetics 50 shillings each for DLC owners, old Bögenhafen chests removed
  • Separated premium cosmetics, which can only be bought with real money, used to fund development of free content


Weather and time of day variations ⛅ – June 2020


🔮 Upcoming
  • New expansion: Chaos WastesETA: Q4 2020
  • PvP standalone gamemode: Versusno ETA, currently in closed pre-alpha / alpha testing phase
  • New career – no ETA, but currently being tested in-house
  • More career/talent reworks – ETA: Q4 2020
  • Darktide: Vermintide in Warhammer 40k universe with better ranged combat – ETA: 2021

With the announcement of Darktide, we understand that you might have a lot of questions – mostly surrounding our commitment to Vermintide 2. The answer is simple:

We remain committed to Vermintide 2.

    – A letter to communityJuly 2020

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