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the bile troll regeneration discussion

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As it stands in the game, the bile troll is sitting by his whole weight on the throne as the hardest boss. I mean, by no luck either. He has tankiness, passive regen, unblockable hits, AoE slow, damage and blind… He hits hard and takes an insane beating, especially if the team is even a little incompetent. Or if things take an unfortunate turn, such as when a horde comes. Then you'll probably face a renewed troll coming at you.

Now I am not against whatever he offers. But I think he has been overtuned when he was deemed weak, especially the regen makes him nigh-invulnerable at times. You can whittle down every other boss with some mix of skill rng and environment, but that is just not the case about trolls.

Even two low-dps class may fall short to tickle this guy. Turning the run obsolete.

I honestly don't think this fits a game where precision and skill is supposed to be rewarded. At any given time and situation, the team (or its remains) should be able to clutch to at the very least the next respawn by their skill. The troll, completely disregards this. I certainly am not happy about this dude.

One idea pops into my head about a fix regarding his regen;

Give the troll a fixed amount of "defenseless" states. 2 of them. One when 1/3 of its health gone, and one at 2/3. The troll approaches without health regeneration. Every defenseless state takes into account of how much health it will start regenerating depending on the dps (or average damage done) to it in that state, and stacks the hurt it has had, halved from other states.


This would lead to some insane situations and clutches where the team locks itself out of the last state by having an almost impenetrable troll, trying themselves to hurt it as they watch the corpse of their shade on the ground.

Or the completely opposite where a single handmaiden bests a troll by playing smart.

Of course this may prompt players to simply not hit it in the state and whittle the remaining health all over without regeneration. My solution to that would probably be resistance. Each time he falls down, he gets 25 percent resistant to damage. Perhaps even a little passive regeneration by the troll himself at the second or third phase. Just enough to keep competent.

This would push the teams to play at least a bit more strategical around the troll. Planning and foresight is a great tool that we could use in the game. Perhaps everyone is wounded and you know that your team won't make it, so people play around the troll without much risks now. Only taking the resistance and going slow. Or you may take the chance and bum-rush it, dealing with high regen at the third and second stages.

Would love to hear your ideas or work for this. Perhaps some of you think the troll is fine, even.

Thoughts 🙂

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