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The Bogenhafen story – questions

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Look out! LOTS of spoilers!

If it's obvious, then I'm sorry but it isn't for me!

What is the Bogenhafen storyline all about? I'm not really sure myself.

We go to The Pit, the poorest part of Bogenhafen. Lohner says there are some problems there, I think, but what kind of? Characters say it's "probably because of Black hook", but what exactly? Who are Black hook? Why the city is completely empty, where are all the people? Obviously it's because by Chaos and Skavens, but when did it happen? Did U5 new it is already empty? Why is it so important to burn food if there are no citizens to eat it? It's relatively small magazine, you can't poison much with so little poisoned food. Who is shooting us from a boat at the end? Why is it so important to attack 5(or 4, doesn't matter) people in an abandoned part of the city, if all they do is running away. I get it, we burned the house, but using a boat with a goddamn gatling gun and a full horde to kill us? They know we are completely cut out with no way to escape, on a beach! Why would they try to kill us so violently? The only reason is that they know we can teleport back, and if they DO know that, why didn't they destroy the teleporting shrine?


In the next mission, The Blightreaper,we go to the Bogenhafen richer parts. Who, for the mother of Sigmar, is firing all those fireworks?! They are visible at the end of The Pit already, and keep going in Blightreaper, which would mean it's happening shortly after. But the whole fu*king city is empty! If it's empty, who do they want to poison with that food? Did the U5 knew it is already empty? For how long it is empty, if there are still residue of a big celebration? Did the U5 knew that the guy who hid the Blightreaper sword in a temple is dead as well? If so, did they think the temple is opened? What are the chances that U5 would find some rondom key ring in a totally random place outside of temple? It's a really, really lucky coincidence we can retrive them! And the chains at the temple seem… so fragile. A good hit from Bardin's hammer would be enough. How is it that Chaos did not find the secrets at the temple before us? They clearly searched for them, and they have hundreds, if not thousands if spare rats and raiders to use, since they sent them after our 5(4) characters. Yet, we did it in like 3 minutes. How did we managed that? Why do we KNOW what to click, instead of LOOKING for it? Like you know, lots of fake switches and only some actually work. Or a simple "look for the switches" like in Festering Grounds where you've got to look for bubbles and if you fail, THEN there is a hint where to go. Let's keep going though: why the mechanism of those switches work so slowly, it doesn't make sense. Does it matter which one of characters pick up the sword, or it's whatever and all get the weird screen, voices and lose HP? If a character can pick up a goddamn big sword and hide it somewhere without a problem, why can't we have 3rd weapon of choice to carry on a regular basis? Why the chaos warrior, who supposedly is looking for the sword, didn't just try to stop us? And how the hell do Lohner and Olesya want to hide the thing in the Keep, when it's clearly killing in AoE xD

So many questions and I really don't know any answers to them. Can anyone help? Did I miss some important information or misinterpreted something?

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