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The Countess as a game character – why not?

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This is the second post. The first is here.

I wanted to make changes in abilities and skills with the second post, but due to my illness, I did not do much. Therefore, the second will be my vision of a new game character – Countess. Next week I’ll post my vision of changes to what is already in the game (otherwise they only managed to accuse me of the fact that such changes are needed only by myself and a few other people, and give the others changes in skills). There really are a lot of changes, including a change in the calculation of the probability of a critical strike, so I need a little more time to fit everything into the balance (and build my own, huh).

So, Countess. Some of you wrote that it would not fit the role of a character, because vampires are very strong, and indeed, they belong to the undead (monsters). This is both true and false. Once again, re-reading the vampire graphs armybook of the 8th edition, I found several loopholes that I wanted to use. First, vampires get stronger over time — that is, the new vampire is the weakest. Secondly, as I said earlier, Vlad von Carstein signed a contract in which he, for his help in the fight against Chaos / Beastmen / Skaven, gives Sylvania and names the elector. Total, we get, according to lore, only three factions with which our heroes can fight (for Mannfred, as far as we remember, did not have time to betray) – these are the already mentioned Chaos, Beastmen and Skavens (so far the Dark Elves do not take into account like the other races of the New World).

Initially, as a background, I wanted to describe that our Countess wanted to take revenge on the Skavens for the insult they had inflicted on her – namely, by poisoning her. But I never found the answer, whether the Skavens could poison the vampire, not in the lore of the Skaven, or in the lore of the Vampire Counts. If they can, then that's fine, that is where her debuffs come from and why she is not so strong. If not, let her prehistory tell about the last man who was turned into a vampire. Here you can call anyone – even Mannfred, who embodied his next cunning plan, even just one of the vampires who was hiding among the aristocrats of the Empire – but the meaning will not change, unless the story can be made more interesting and richer. Here, they turned her back (perhaps even against her will), the End of Times is knocking on the door, and the undead help the living. And it turns out that the Countess is ideal as a new character. By the way, if anyone knows whether it is possible to somehow poison a vampire without killing him at the same time (or at least somehow causing him damage) – please write. Based on this knowledge, I will be able to write a clear background, choosing one of two options. Thank you in advance.

With lore, like, figured out, but what about the character? What are her abilities, weapons, etc.? Here I will describe only the names, ahem, classes, passives, available at the start, and abilities (which is on the F key). Why only them? Because I do not want to spoil the large-scale changes, I am working on. So the Countess will have his own sign, where her level improvements will be listed. I almost forgot – all the numbers are not final, but I simply have no opportunity to check it all out, so I proceed from my convictions and the numbers that the characters already have in the game. An important feature is that the Countess cannot restore her health by drinking a potion or using a first-aid kit. Each will have its own vampire feature to recover.


The first form is the Countess-duelist. Maximum – 115xp. First passive: when attacking one target, it reduces its defense and damage by 10%. Up to three stacks. The second passive: if the Countess remains the last survivor, her movement speed increases by 15%, damage and attack speed by 10%, but the cooldown ability increases by 15%, and protection drops by 30%. The third passive: restoration of health for the killed opponents, if only the Countess dealt damage to them. Here I will immediately add – health is restored: by 5xp for killing 5 ordinary skaven or zombie SERIALLY; 5xp for killing 2 Chaos robbers or 1 monk / Stormvermin / special skaven, but not the boss; by 10xp for the Chaos warrior. The rest is to choose as perks for levels (let me remind you that I will dedicate a separate post to this, perhaps not one, for there are very many changes). From the weapon – one-handed sword, rapier, two daggers, dagger and sword, two-handed sword. No ranged weapons, instead there is a small jerk on 5 meters with a cooldown of 40 seconds. Now the most difficult is ability. There are two ideas, the first emphasizes its vampire nature and the name (duelist), and will require a lot of experience; the second is more suitable for controlling one opponent, but will require the rest of the support team. So version number one (Offering): when pressed, takes a part of health from allies (1/5 of the total), giving them temporary health, + 10% resistance to damage, attack speed and speed, healing 35% of the Countess's total health. Version number two (Life pull): for 5 seconds, draws vital energy from the enemy, immobilizing him. At the time of use, it slows down by 70%. Heals itself a maximum of 40% of the total number of HP. Damage – ordinary enemies die in 2 seconds (robbers in 3); stormvermins, monks and other special skaven – in 5 seconds they lose 100% of their health; Chaos warriors – 45% in 5 seconds; bosses – 15 (10?)% in 5 seconds. As for the cooldown, these abilities have not been fully defined, for they seem to be very strong, and not so much, like … I think three minutes will be enough for a test. And for the first option, all 4 minutes. We do not want to make an unbalance character.

The second form is the Countess-mage. Maximum – 100hp. The first passive: within a radius of 15 meters, inflicts a small periodic damage, weakening the protection of enemies in this radius by 10%. For each minute of damage, this ability regains 3% of maximum health. The second passive: each enemy struck by a spell, surviving, gives the Countess + 7% to movement speed, + 10% to attack speed, but also increases the cooldown of the spell by 15% and reduces protection by as much. Weapons – sword, dagger, scythe. The secondary weapon – the staff, allows one of the following spells to be used: Nagash's gaze (a magic arrow that deals average damage passes through the armor); Mental foulness (a significant weakening of the armor and the protection of the enemy, causing medium damage); Soul stealing (causing significant damage and receiving temporary health in the amount of 20% of the maximum value). Here will make another caveat – either bind the spell to each individual staff, or make available all three spells at once, but each to give a solid cooldown, but then increase the cooldown ability to F will need to, and much. Ability: Raise undead (skeletons or zombies) next to the caster for 8 seconds, enemies attack undead first. A total of seven units stand up, when you press F during the duration of the ability, the raised units disintegrate, and the Countess recovers health depending on the number of remaining units (for one – 4% of max HP). Cooldown – nearly 3-4 minutes.

The third form is the Countess-warrior. Maximum – 120xp. The first passive: when delivering a mortal blow to the Countess, it repels all opponents within a radius of 2 meters with a fierce cry, receiving temporary health in the amount of 25% of the total number of HP. When killing 5 or more opponents in the next three seconds, he regains 10% of his maximum health. It works every 120 seconds. Second passive: every 30 seconds without taking damage it restores to itself 0.5% of the total HP, the value increases if the Countess kills the Chaos warrior or the team, with her help, kills the boss, by + 1% for the next 3 minutes. Third passive: enemies who choose the Countess are slowed down by 20% and deal 10% less damage. Weapons – sword, rapier, two-handed sword, shield and sword. Secondary weapon: crossbow. Ability: repels enemies within a radius of 10 meters and gives allies who are within range, damage through armor for 15 seconds. Cooldown – 2 minutes.

Unfortunately, I can’t draw she, it makes me sooo much more difficult, but if I find a person who can do it with naked enthusiasm (or I’m aware that I managed to do it myself), I'll add it right away. Thank you again very much for your interest, I am waiting for your opinion in the comments. Once again, I ask, if suddenly something did not like something – write down what exactly it is quite possible that I missed something. Gone to make skill changes.

I'm still use Google Translator, but not so much. Thanks for all comments on previous post, i've really appreciate that.

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