Warhammer: Vermintide

The End Rhymes: The Journey

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As we journey through the maps, time and time again, it is nice to remember how that felt the first time…


If the prologue you don't count

Maps we have only thirteen

Still with such a small amount

Entertained we have sure been.


Righteous stand we started well

The finale we did fight

We rang our own big bloody bell

We bathed in Sigmar's light.


Through the madhouse we did go

For sorcerers we searched

Down though sewers right below

Killed them as they perched


Darkness in Dreisdunkel mine

A blackened, rat-filled hell

We killed the trolls, escaped in time

Collapsed the mine as well.


The first Warlord was well renown

He had so many names

We looked all through a falling town

Then took him down in flames.


An Elven temple we next did find

Though it had been rend

Together parts we did rebind

A broken bridge now mend


Then old Lohner had a task

One we knew so well

Only once he had to ask

Destroyed another bell


A siege befell a last stronghold

Though our rescue mission's late

Catapults destroyed we strolled

Right on out the gate.


As rumor had it one warlord

Hid deep within the nest

We fought right through the skaven horde

Spinemangler we did best.



The biggest farm was Morgensloft

Rescue our work that day

Though rats and chaos razed the croft

Many we did slay


Ussingen's a town in flames

High flew a chaos banner

The wealthy few this place now shames

Destroyed the Baron's Manor


Next through a swamp and to a tomb

Buboes there we popped

Ghulmagak did meet his doom

The evil plan was stopped.


Just one warlord left to go

Bodvaar's pit of trials met

His fate sealed with a killing blow

A showdown now was set


The final test, the final fight

To Norsca and returned

Back through the gate?! Oh what a sight!

A duel with Rasknitt earned


At last we had him bested

The final mission done

Though our mettle tested

This day we once more won


Helmgart covered, where to next?

We'll travel far and wide!

Though repetition has us vexed

We'll still fight the Vermintide.


So I know I said no more, but a) there are 13 juicy maps that lend themselves to this, and b) I was bored. Plus if this makes even one person smile I'm happy 🙂

Edit: you'd think the 3rd one of these I'd have the formatting right… apparently not 😉

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