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The Executioner Sword Nerf was Justified, but done in a Wrong way

warhammer 4 - The Executioner Sword Nerf was Justified, but done in a Wrong way

The executioner sword was an over performing weapon. People might disagree but it is a fact. The amount of damage the thing does is ridiculous. It absolutely invalidates every other weapon in it's category outside of hypermass situations.


And this is just talking about the light attacks.


Because this game has crit and headshot damage multiplier as the same multiplier, even if you don't headshot with the weapon it still does more DPS than other cleave weapons because random crits do absolutely monsterous damage.


But I doubt many disagree on the damage part. Some will say "what about the stagger and mobility? The spear is so gooood".


In a real situation executioner sword has a better stagger than spear. Spear has only advantage in it's mobility. Spear cannot cleave through mauler or armor. So on mixed horde it does close to nothing at all. People think it does because the animation doesn't tell them, and they keep doing pushes because of push attack.


Push strength of exec sword and spear are the same. Spear just has a bit of more push radius. If you just push with exec sword, in a mixed horde your stagger is actually better than with a spear. Because your swings will stagger that fanatic behind the mauler. Unlike the spear. The spear is good at kiting tons of stuff while others kill them for you.


In a regular cata game you kill stuff with executioner sword so fast you never need the kiting of spear to begin with.


On merc the mobility isn't that big of an issue because merc has a 20% dodge talent. The mobility can be an issue on other careers though.



The 8.5% attack speed nerf only hurt other careers besides merc. Merc still annihilates everything with executioner sword. But other careers have it much worse now because they lack attack speed and/or crit to feed each other. Swift Slaying is too defining thing in this game.


Best way to nerf executioner sword would be to remove it's armor/mauler cleaving property. It unnecessarily eats into cleave-speciality weapons' niche. Exec sword has the heavy attacks to deal with those targets.


People tend to think about armor cleaving being about cleaving multiple armor units. But the actual strength is to cleave the soft stuff behind the armor. You clear the infantry between maulers/SV, which is hugely valuable. And because of random crits/headshots you kill the armors too.


The other careers lack the cleave power and crit to abuse this power too much. So this change would be a bigger nerf to merc who spams lights more and forces more riskier heavies, which other careers already have to do.


Other nerf could be to reduce crit and/or base damage while keeping headshot damage intact. To incentivize headshotting more and making bodyshotting more punishing. But I don't know if this game can nerf crit damage without affecting headshot damage.


The heavy attacks overall are fine in my opinion. Maybe their body shot damage/stagger should be reduced while keeping headshot damage intact to reward better aim more.


TLDR, exec sword needs a nerf that hits merc, but doesn't hit other careers too much. And the armor cleave needs to go, as it eats the flavor out of speciality weapons.

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