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The game needs better explanations

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There's too many things that are very difficult for new players to find out about. For example:

Shade ult has a massive hidden damage bonus. If you don't read anything online, there's no way to find out about it until you play shade, and even then, you might just think that your normal attack would have killed the enemy, particularly if you aren't specifically trying to take advantage of the damage bonus.

Hagbane bow mechanics are wonky as shit. Normal attacks apply a dot to the primary target, but don't do anything to armor unless they crit. Charged shots apply an extra dot in an aoe, knock people back, and allow the primary attack (but not the aoe) to penetrate armor. None of this is obvious to a new player. When I first tried hagbane bow, I used a left click and a charged shot into a wall, saw that they had the same vfx, assumed that they did the same damage, and never charged a shot again. I then spammed left click for a while, did jack shit, and resolved to never touch the bow again. I only realized how good hagbane bow is once I saw a reddit post that explained how it works.


Beam staff mechanics are also wonky as shit. Beam starts out with a few fast, low damage ticks before switching over into slower, stronger ticks. Right click into left click causes a shotgun (though there is very little vfx), while left click into right click causes the beam to end in a burst of damage. I can definitely imagine a new player not realizing how the beam charge works and not realizing that the various right click stuff exists at all. They could easily right click into left click once in the air, see that it didn't seem to do much, and never touch it again. Even if they find it, left click into right click is an even harder to find (is there any other weapon with a similar mechanic?). And the beam tick rate stuff is exceedingly non-obvious unless you try the staff out on a practice dummy. Personally, I had heard about shotgun, so I knew about that, but I didn't realize about the other stuff until I saw how complex the breakpoint spreadsheet beam staff entry was and googled the weapon. All told, beam staff is an extremely versatile weapon, and a new player might only take advantage of a quarter of that functionality.

Vermintide really needs better in game explanations for these sorts of mechanics. Even if they don't want to provide exact numbers/formulas for a lot of things, even something as simple as "beam staff has shotgun on right click into left click and long range burst on left click into right click" would be insanely helpful to a new player. I shouldn't have to turn to google to figure out what attacks a weapon can make.

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