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The Games lack of appeal to the casual playerbase – a perspective from a casual player

warhammer 7 - The Games lack of appeal to the casual playerbase - a perspective from a casual player

Hello, for a bit of brief context I was one of the many who bought the game on release and LOVED the game on release. Looking at a graph like this, I would place myself just a little bit to the left of the May 18' of when I stopped playing. Ever since, I open the game once a month to see what's new if there is anything that interests me, then usually just close the game. Nothing interests me, even though I absolutely LOVE the theme of the game and the gameplay. What I write is hopefully, in a polite manner, a simple insight to the cloud of people who quit the game. I want this game to have the biggest playerbase it deserves because I do really love the game.

I played this game with many friends who have all also quit, and there are a lot of common agreements we had at the time, still have. I know 9 people isn't the largest sample size, but I hope what I still have to say has some value.

First thing I'd like to talk about is progression being very narrow. In VT1, Orange weapons were exciting to get for a "casual" like me because they created unique effects that changed the way I played and almost felt like they granted me a new ability sometimes. In VT2, I have no interest in grinding reds. The only desirable part about them are the visuals. I am a casual player, not a min-maxer. I don't care about creating the statistically perfect loadout. I don't care about using "meta" weapons and loadouts, I will use what is fun and satisfying to me. I will never look at weapon balance and hear about how bad/good certain weapons are. It felt like there was nothing to earn for me, in this regard. Once I got a loadout full of Oranges all at power 290-300 and level 30, it felt like to me that was enough and I already progressed to the end, because I never would be interested in the gritty grind of the highest difficulty.

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Second thing to talk about are the "Arcade" options. As a casual player, my friends and I near the end would clamor at deeds for fun, not for the terrible rewards, but because some of them genuinely were. It was fun to play deeds with high horde numbers or strong specials, but the fun quickly dwindled when we ran out of deeds because of the very very small number of deed effects that were fun and the fact deeds came from loot boxes. There was also no survival mode, which bummed me out. They were fun and granted cool rewards in VT1 so they had a great incentive to do every once in a while, and kept things fresh.


These were my two main things to talk about, and while there are remedies to them I don't know how worth it it is to fix them. I know there are casual players who still play the game, and min-maxers who have quit but I want to provide the insight on the low player counts this game has, because there is a common impression here that everyone interested in the game are interested in playing the game in a "meta" fashion and that the people who have quit/are quitting are people who quit because of a bad meta when its not the case. VT1 was a prefect game for many casuals and a lot of people were interested in VT2 to experience it again, and the game didn't deliver for many people. (just look at the graph and how little people come back on dlc release dates) And at this point returning to the game is terrifying because I and others would feel like they need to buy the DLC to play the new content and be with the playerbase, as untrue as that kinda is after informing myself about the dlcs content. The casual base has already purchased the game and quit, and it's not worth a lot to make people come back. The casual playerbase are also not keeping up with the games updates the same way they would other games; they've just moved on to other games so some sort of promotion would have to occur, like a free weekend, for anyone to see whats new. As unprofitable as it is, I hope Fatshark considers looking into this playerbase more. I miss playing vermintide every weekend in VT1 enjoying it every time.

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Also just a quick note, people here talk about cosmetics a LOT and I don't think any one of my friends noticed the ones I got and I never noticed theirs. It's a first person game, the only thing we care about cosmetically is our frame and weapon.

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