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The Grand List of Bugs, Edition

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This list is maybe 95% accurate. It certainly does not list every bug in the game currently. Maybe some of the bugs here got already fixed – I know that many of them are just known to Fatshark but not fixed yet.

I have tested and can confirm maybe 50% of them. I got confirmation on a lot of other bugs by duplicate reports.

Here it is, in all it's glory.



  • Zealot's "Pleasure from Pain" talent is absolutely broken and can be abused to gain invincibility.
  • Dual Daggers and Dual Axes still sometimes phase through enemies.
  • Resourceful Combatant reduces the remaining cooldown of your career by 2 seconds instead of 2%.
  • You can't use the Battle Wizard ultimate if the game thinks you're not on the floor. This also applies to random stairs, platforms, barrels and a LOT of other objects.
  • Chaos hordes have trouble finding their correct slots. This leads to stacking Fanatics.
  • The "Proxy" trait only spreads the potion's effect to the host if used by a client.
  • You can't use your ultimate as Ranger, Pyro and Waystalker if you have a pot or bomb in your hand. You have to switch to melee or ranged first.
  • Many talents just say "increase something" but do not state how much they actually increase that thing. Examples: "Increases reload speed" or "Increased dodge distance"
  • The Righteous Stand finale is highly dependent on the amount of enemies alive in the rest of the level. If you bring a miniboss into the finale and start that, it can take 5+ minutes until the finale's hordes actually spawn. On deeds it often bugs out completely and does not spawn any hordes.
  • The hitbox of enemies' charged attacks sometimes extends way beyond their weapon models.
  • Shade's "Bloodfletcher" talent does not work at all.
  • Handmaiden's "Ariel's Benison" should provide uninterruptable revives, but in reality CWs, SVs and Maulers can shove you easily out of a revive.
  • Footknight's "Glory Hound" talent only works as host.
  • Waystalker's "Ironfeather Flights" trait only works as host.
  • Unchained's "Unstable Strength" passive only stacks up to 3 instead of 5 as client.
  • "Conservative Shooter" can stack randomly, giving you 2+ ammo back per headshot.
  • Huntsman's "Hunter's Repite" and Ranger's "Ranger's Breath" talents do not grant HP but temporary HP instead.
  • "Back to Basics" deeds do not disable talents.
  • If you fall off a cliff while being attacked you can end up being perma-dead. This seem to happen mostly with Sienna, but it can occur on bots and players. Video proof here.
  • Shade's "Assassin's Blade" passive only works on dummies for ranged weapons, not on actual enemies.
  • If you die on Skittergate right when you visit the arena for the first time, it's possible to respawn on the elevator at the end of the map. This means your time has to do ALL of Norsca AND the final fight against Rasknitt & Deathrattler without that dead player. If you play a hard deed, this is a reset.
  • Rasknitt sometimes stays invincible if you kill Deathrattler while Rasknitt rides it. Report 1
  • If you use Huntsman's "Hunter's Prowl" ultimate with your ranged weapon out, then switch to melee and let the ultimate end and then do a melee kill, some random red/green/white screen effect can occur. This effect stays until the end of the map.
  • If an enemy starts an attack and you make yourself invisible during that attack, the enemies will keep targeting you. This is annoying against Berserkers / Monkeys, bosses like Chaos Spawn and Deathrattler and can even happen against CWs & SVs.
  • If you use a healing item during "Sudden Death" deeds, the game thinks you have no wounds left and colors your screen black & white. This stays until you die or you finish the mission.
  • Even without having "Hand of Shallya" trait on your Necklace, healing someone else with a medkit clears all your wounds and removes the black & white screen effect.
  • Specials stop spawning if too many other enemies are already alive.


  • Fort Brachsenbrücke has extremely weird respawn spots. Some are unreachable, some are extremely far away.
  • Bounty Hunter's "Buckshot" talent can be exploited by aiming with ranged weapon to reduce the spread.
  • Bubbleburst Harleydavidson can teleport himself outside of the arena or into the ground.
  • Minibosses blink / teleport through narrow paths if they can't fit through otherwise. This for example can occur in the narrow cave right before the 2nd tome on Skittergate.
  • "Ambient Light Quality" is bugged. The darkness section in Hunger in the Dark is WAY too dark if you have that on "high". Setting "Ambient Light Quality" to low makes the section a bit easier to fight in without removing the darkness completely, but this setting means that the cave on Skittergate and the finale on Righteous Stand look way too bright. Having to switch back and forth depending on the map you play can't be intented.
  • Many accounts don't have the standard portrait frame in their inventories. This affects only old accounts.
  • Patrols get stuck on Hailscourge between 2nd tome and 2nd grim and only wander back and forth between those 2 spots. This makes avoiding that patrol almost impossible.
  • Enemies can turn during their attack. )https://forums.fatsharkgames.com/t/stormvermin-occasionally-turn-at-the-last-moment-of-their-overhead-attack-making-it-impossible-to-dodge/24593) but deadly if done by a Troll.
  • Bots often fall down random ledges and just hang there. Sometimes bots do chain-reactions meaning one bot falls down, the others try to help that bot until all 3 bots just hang there. This is common near 1st grim on Into the Nest and near the bridge on Festering Ground.
  • Orange hats can be salvaged. This will lead to "feel bad" moments.
  • Chaos Spawn and Stormfiend's can do sick 180° turns and hit you out of nowhere.
  • It's possible to get a continous "You have no items" notification. This can only be solved by deleting the complete "Vermintide 2" folder under C:UsersYOURNAMEAppDataRoaming. This means you lose all your customization, keybinds, settings and you have to play the tutorial again.
  • Longbow's charged attack spread is huge while crouching but way smaller when moving while crouching.
  • Collecting Ranger's "Survivalist" ammo drops can increase your ammo over your maximum ammo capacity.
  • If Bödvarr (the Warcamp boss) charges you into a wall and downs you in the process there's a chance you land in a spot where bots can't revive you. They will just stand there, do nothing and die quickly.
  • Pyro's and Unchained's ultimates sometimes leave weird balls of fire on screen that stay there until you switch to melee (Unchained) or fire another ult (Pyro).
  • Drake Pistols' and Drakegun's charged attacks sometimes bug out.
  • Into the Nest, a map without ANY Chaos enemies (not even Sorcerers and Leeches spawn) can still spawn Chaos patrols and Chaos minibosses.
  • Waystalker's "Arcane Bodkins" and WHC's "Deathknell" talents do not increase the damage of critical headshots on melee and ranged.
  • Waystalker's "Daughter of the Hunt" talent does not increase the damage of critical headshots by 30% but doubles the difference between non-crit and crit damage.
  • Hookers can grab you even though you dodge down an edge, the result is hilarious
  • Spamming Handmaiden's Dash ultimate with Conc Pot breaks the "Gift of Ladrielle" talent. You will be visible every other dash.
  • You can't see active deed effects by pressing TAB during a deed.
  • Huntsman's "Make 'Em Bleed" and Slayer's "Crippling Wounds" talents do not work on dummies.
  • Battle Wizard's "Rechannel" talent does nothing on Beamstaff & Boltstaff.
  • Battle Wizard's "Rechannel" talent does not increase Fireball's charge animation speed but you reach the max damage 40% sooner.
  • Endboss damage on Hailscourge, Into the Nest, Warcamp and Skittergate does not count towards "Boss damage dealt" on the scoreboard. Only minibosses count.
  • There is no "replay the map" button after you failed a mission.
  • Ranger's "Battle Brewer" talent should drop Concentration Pots (they are displayed in the symbol) but doesn't.
  • If the host gets a backend error right when you exit a level through the Bridge of Shadows,

    . You have to restart the game to fix this.
  • The system messages for Okri's Challenges don't always trigger.
  • The Okri's Challenges on Hailscourge and Into the Nest sometimes simply don't work.
  • Hookers are still sometimes silent and hard to hear if you don't have LOS.
  • You can clip through certain terrain and insta-kill yourself. This happens by jumping, falling down edges or even by dashing with Footknight / Handmaiden. Most common spot is the slope up from the statue on the market on Screaming Bell, but the ice jumps towards the 2nd tome can cause this as well.
  • It is possible to start the Tutorial on Legend and get downed in the process because the Tutorial autoheal does not counter oneshots by SV. This softlocks the game.
  • It's still possible to move during the intro cutscene with a certain trick.
  • There is no way to select "always host" on Quickplay.
  • Blightsorcerers don't need line of sight to cast their spell. This means the green energy beam often clips through trees & walls.
  • You can only join active deeds by being in another game (as client or host) and then joining the deed over the Steam friendlist. You won't get the deed chest at the end then.
  • Victor is NEVER used as a bot. This was the case in V1 as well.
  • Hookers can drag players through solid walls such as the troll doors on Hunger in the Dark, the cell doors on Convocation of Decay, rsome walls in Fort Brachsenbrücke and sometimes just random walls.
  • Gas clouds from Gasrats are impossible to see during the Convocation of Decay finale.
  • If a player gets downed by a Gutter Runner, the red outline sometimes stays on the Gutter Runner. This makes him visible through walls.
  • If a Gutter Runner gets pushed away from a player while that player is blinking blue, the blue outline will overwrite the green outline on that player for the rest of the match.
  • Victor's regular Crossbow rarely reloads extremely slow. This often happens with Bounty Hunter and QQ usually fixes that issue.
  • Quickswitch does not always take priority over reloading and charged attacks.
  • Specials still spawn in plain sight. The Gasrat at the end of Warcamp's battering ram section is a common offender. The specials on the Righteous Stand gate event also spawn in plain sight more often than not.
  • Some tomes & grims can still be picked up during "No pickup" deeds. 2nd grim on Warcamp & 2nd grim on Skittergate are best known here. Also, Sackrats drop items during "No pickup" deeds as well.
  • Off Balance trait and WHC's Witch-Hunt passive apply the same damage buff. This means they don't stack.
  • Off Balance increases the damage by 20% for 5 seconds instead of 50% for 3 seconds.
  • Bots sometimes run off to chase a random Ratling, Warp or Gasrat. This means they can run right into patrols and trigger them.
  • Blight Sorcerers often keep talking after they're dead.
  • You can get stuck in the collapsed room in the cellar of Empire in Flames. You can jump in, but you can't jump out.
  • The HUD flickers in OBS and on stream for some people. Capping the FPS to 90 or using Direct X10 usually solves this issue.
  • There are multiple red weapons that don't have any illusions.
  • Medkits are sometimes impossible to pick up. Most common spots: In front of the house on Screaming Bell & if you exchange the 2nd tome on Empire in Flames with a medkit.
  • The keys on Festering Ground, Against the Grain and Convocation of Decay are too hard to pick up.
  • You can collect the 2nd tome on Against the Grain from below, right through the planks.
  • You have to fight a patrol in the Skittergate arena during the Rasknitt fight if you trigger the patrol and then flee through the portal. If you come back later after you finished Norsca, the patrol is still there.
  • During the Gatekeeper fight on Skittergate, no specials can spawn. All specials in the queue spawn at once when he transforms.
  • Hordes can spawn inside the portal on Skittergate, killing you instantly when you go through.
  • Ambient elite enemies sometimes spawn and despawn in plain sight.
  • Some illusions such as Glaive's "Twilight’s Last Gleaming" are not usable. The apply bar simply goes to max and nothing happens except a horrible sound.
  • If you have a Footknight bot, his passive aura will stay for the rest of the match if he gets replaced by a player later.
  • Battle Wizard's "Champion of Ubersreik" costume makes the flames of the "Aqshy Torchgate" hat appear on your screen..


  • Kruber's Halberd does less damage on 1st charged attack against armor than 1st light attack. The values are probably switched.
  • Kruber's Sword & Shield does 0 damage to armor on the third charged attack on bodyshots. His third light attack is it's only light attack that does damage to armor on bodyshots (10 damage). This means the values are definitely switched.
  • The effective block range is not only influenced by X axe, but Yaxe as well. This leads to SV draining all your stamina on overhead attacks as Bardin if you don't look up into the sky a bit. Also, SV swipes can hit you from outside your effective block range if you stand too close to the SV.
  • The very first tick of Beamstaff can crit, which means that swinging it around onto enemies' heads during a horde with Heat Sink can clear your heat bar within milliseconds.
  • Green fire / goo walls ("Dickwalls") make Trolls unnecessarily hard to fight if you lack DPS.
  • Trolls regenerate HP too fast, this makes them impossible to kill with certain weapons or if you're only 2 players left. If the other players then respawn behind "d*ckwalls", you are dead with full HP. This is essentially a softlock.
  • Incendiary Bombs do 1 damage per target hit and the DoT is often not enough to kill anything. Lamp Oil barrels on the other hand do what a barrel of oil is supposed to do.
  • Regular bombs are in a fine spot right now, but regular barrels have an extremely small blast radius and don't do enough damage. A hand-thrown bomb does more damage to a patrol than a big blackpowder barrel.
  • Heat Sink and Scrounger should be traits on melee weapons, not on ranged weapons. Shooting your ranged weapon to gain ammo to be able to shoot more leads to a ranged-focused meta.
  • Ranger's "Ranger's Ambush" talent increases the area of the smoke bomb infinitely instead of just increasing it's duration. This effect is not explained in the description.
  • Heroic Intervention only triggers when you free a team mate from a disabler.


  • If a Sienna charges her Conflag staff and then leaves the game (or gets replaced by a player) the Conflag circle stays on the ground.
  • If you switch your career while holding an ultimate like Leap / Flame Walk / Dash, the effect stays on the ground. You can draw some funny things with that.
  • The water in Bardin's room can move your character. The water near the forge outside behaves like jelly.
  • There are multiple spots where you can look through the map. Most absurd one is Hunger in the Dark, on the way back from the 2nd grim, right in the floor.
  • Weird things pop up in the Hailscourge elevator.
  • All Ubersreik skins overwrite all V2 hats.
  • Handmaiden's 100 Champion matches hat makes her nose look weird.
  • There are flying cages in Righteous Stand
  • There is a weird blue box on the top of the ladder near 2nd grim on Righteous Stand and another box on Skittergate in the sky
  • Slayer's ultimate's symbol on the ground always faces into the same direction (north?).
  • The Slayer mohawk is sometimes vibrating in the inventory screen.
  • Shade's "City Guard’s Helm" makes her neck look weird.

All feedback is highly appreciated. If you find something in the list that's fixed already or if you know something is missing, please comment below.

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