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The Halberd could really use some changes…

chivalry screenshot1 - The Halberd could really use some changes...

I'm loving a lot of the new weapons, the flail in particular is my shit, but the halberd really doesn't work well in most situations…

  • For starters, its attack pattern: slash, stab, overhead, AKA, small sweep, single target, single target. It's awful for hordes, which is particularly bad since this game is moving away from using your ranged weapons on trash. Even weapons that are great for single target burst damage have some sort of horde control, like the Mace's first two uncharged swings or the Executioner's uncharged.

  • It baffles me in a game where you can't control the attack pattern that the charged and uncharged of the Halberd are EXACTLY THE SAME. Most weapons that use the uncharged/charged attack dynamic well are ones that change up the nature of the attack along with the power, like how Saltzpyre's uncharged rapier always does sweeps and charged always does stabs. The Halberd essentially has six attack patterns, 3 of which are just higher damage versions of the uncharged. Why use uncharged at all?

  • It doesn't really function like a real halberd should: lumbering and slow but with large, meaningful sweeps. The uncharged attack is fast as hell and the animations look really odd. It feels more like a long-ranged dagger if anything.

  • Its primary advantage is range but that hardly means much in this game save maybe the big guys. In games like For Honor and Chivalry, zoning enemies is viable because you're fighting other humans cautiously where well-timed, slow hits can be viable. Most of the enemies in Vermintide will rush your face regardless so being able to poke the first Rotblood far away doesn't mean much when there are 20 rats encircling you.

Change the attack patterns. Lower the swing speed and maybe change the damage values. Uncharged could be slow sweeps left and right like the Executioner's Sword. The charged attacks can alternate between precise stabs and overheads. The weakness of this weapon should be its speed and cumbersome nature, not a shitty uncharged attack and redundant charged pattern that has 4 of the 6 attacks do pointless percision strikes.

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