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The mini-bosses need to be rebalanced, especially the Troll and Stormfiend

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The mini-bosses right now are a bit of a mixed bag. You have the Stormfiend and Rat Ogre that are almost a joke to anyone with experience, and then you have the Chaos Spawn and Troll which are significantly more difficult and unpredictable to fight as melee heroes. I would like to see all of them rebalanced so that each one offers a unique challenge, while simultaneously getting ride of their unfair or straight up aggravating 'features'.

Since there is no easy way to summarize this, allow me to give my thoughts on the current mini-bosses and how they can be improved:


The Troll is currently the most problematic boss because of his health regen and his block-piercing attacks that are incredibly punishing on melee heroes. He is also incredibly easy to cheese from range, to the point where you can literally never be hit by him provided you just keep running away.

The way I would like to see the Troll fixed is by making his innate regeneration stop if he's taken an X amount of hits in the past couple of seconds. His overall health could be buffed to compensate, but this change is necessary in order to make the Troll actually possible to kill with sub-par weapons or lower amounts of people.

Secondly, the Troll's block-breaking swing needs to either be more predictable or stop going through block. It's far too fast to dodge reliably, which just makes it super punishing for melee heroes.

The third and final tweak for the Troll is increased movement speed. The Troll should be kitable by skilled players, much like the Ogre and Spawn, but it should still be possible for the player to get hit if they're not paying attention. Right now kiting the Troll from range is a joke because every time he pukes you get a ton of time to create distance between you or just circle him to run the opposite direction.

Chaos Spawn

The Chaos Spawn is very, very close to being balanced. There are only two tweaks that need to be done.

Firstly, the stomping overhead attack needs to have more windup, kinda like the Rat Ogre's. As it stands it's incredibly easy to take a ton of damage if you get in close quarters with the Spawn, because unless you dodge preemptively you're going to get whacked in the face.

Similarly, the first attack of the triple-attack chain needs to come out slower. Much like the overhead, you basically have to block/dodge preemptively or you're going to take a ton of damage. When you're the host this is less of an issue, but the moment even a tiny bit of latency is introduced it becomes a highly frustrating ability.

Fix these two animations, and I think the Spawn is going to be in a perfect place balance-wise.


Rat Ogre

Much like the Spawn, the Rat Ogre is almost balanced. He does need to be a bit less predictable though so you can't just dodge dance him forever.

There are a couple of ways this can be solved. Either make the Rat Ogre occasionally engage in his triple-attack chain like the Chaos Spawn, or more interestingly, make him do the jump attack to force players to change their strategies. Either way, the Ogre needs just a little bit of tweaking to be good.


The absolutely worst boss in the game. 99% of the time he is useless and does nothing, but 1% of the time he will get a lucky hit and instakill someone. Worst of all, it's just a bloody boring fight.

I would fix him by making those firewalls on the ground actually deal damage. Not a ton of damage, mind you, but more like those oil barrels we find laying around the levels. This alone would make the fight much more intense because you would have to constantly watch your positioning, while also being able to utilize said firewalls in order to kill of enemies and elites.

The second and most obvious change would be to reduce the damage of his initial attack. It's fine for it to do significant damage to players, but it shouldn't one-shot them with grims equipped because it goes against pretty much all other boss balance principles in the game.

The third change I would introduce is to make his charge attack either launch quicker or be more accurate. Right now that entire attack is a complete waste of time that just leaves the Stormfiend in a worse position, so fixing it would definitely be welcome.

It might sound like a lot of tweaks, but it really shouldn't be that hard to make the Stormfiend challenging but fair. All of the elements are there, it's just that the numbers are way off.


The mini-bosses represent some of the most interesting moments of a run, and the reason I even wrote all of this is because there is a vast difference in power between them, as well as a vast difference in how easy they are depending on the amount of ranged/melee heroes on the team. By implementing some of these changes the bosses would all still be distinct, but more in-line with each other's power level. More importantly, I feel they would be much more enjoyable to fight, so I do hope Fatshark will at give them some sort of balance pass in the future.

Any thoughts?




P.S. If anyone feels like posting this on the official forums, you have my permission to do so. Call me loopy, but I don't like having to create accounts for no reason.

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