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The Nervous Player’s Manifesto: Getting Over Solo QP Jitters

warhammer 5 - The Nervous Player's Manifesto: Getting Over Solo QP Jitters

As someone who recently got started venturing into Quick Play solo again after almost a year of nerves stemming from a somewhat traumatizing incident, I thought I'd share some of the things I'd picked up in making Quick Play a little less scary for those of us with performance anxiety when going in solo:

  • Play what you want. No, seriously. Play what you want. You want to play Huntsman with a sword and shield? Go for it. That fireball staff you're a touch rocky with friendly fire on? You bet. Let no one tell you your choices, meta or non-meta, don't deserve your attention. If pubs are brave enough to run drakegun, you can try out that shiny new red you just got that maybe you don't have enough experience on (but also see the next point if you're a bit worried pubs won't like your choices).
  • Still not certain? Host your own Quick Play! PC players have the option of using the sanctioned Host Your Own Games mod, which allows you to host your own Quick Play games. If you are console, host a custom game and open it up to pubs. This allows you to test things in a safe environment without fear of kicking (and usually tends to alleviate many Quick Play stressors in general).
  • Remember that the mute function is always an option. I'm pretty kick-adverse unless someone has AFK'ed for long periods of time or is being blatantly toxic, but I've certainly muted people and they're usually none the wiser.
  • Don't concentrate on being the best. Concentrate on being better than you were the day before. If you find yourself cracking under the pressure to perform while in groups, keep in the back of your mind where you came from. Did you just recently move up to Legend? Perhaps you've been in Legend for a while and only recently started to pull off successful clutches. Whatever the case may be, count these things as achievements and improvements.
  • If someone is actively making you uncomfortable, you have every right to leave. No amount of harassment is worth the QP bonus. Trust me.
  • Don't take rage quitters and fast kickers too seriously. This one's tough, I get it. Sometimes you just want a stable lobby and take these things to heart. But remember these things reflect on them and not you, should you be a courteous player who tried their best. You'll find a group who will stick around the more QP's you do, I promise. And on that note…
  • Don't take your own failures too seriously, either. Sometimes the game just does not want you to win. Sometimes Ranald and the Director team up to give you silent disablers while dropping a Chaos Spawn on your head while you're last man standing. Shit happens—that's what makes Vermintide, Vermintide. And finally…
  • The first game of the day will always be your most nerve wracking. No, really! That first one is just a roulette of who knows what you're going to get. After you have that first win/wipe/whatever, the rest of the games following are much easier to queue up for.

Now go out there and Quick Play!

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