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The Patrician Gamer’s Guide to taking and holding Green Circles

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Seeing how there are a great many clueless souls running about on Champion+, the Patrician Gamer's club and I have decided to compile a couple of pointers in order to allow commoners and other low-born rabble to have a peek into our lofty strategies and playstyles.

It is no crime to be in awe of our tactical acumen, by the by, but do please attempt to keep your swooning in check, plebeians.

First of all, it is of course a given that you will choose a true patrician's class, such as Waystalker, Bounty Hunter and Pyromancer. Kruber and Bardin are, of course, to be shunned as plebeian's temptations, unworthy of being considered anywhere near the grandeur of proper aediles such as I. Whenever you have to suffer the presence of any such unwholesome characters, make certain to loudly mention the infinite compassion with which you decide to stick around despite their presence, just and solely to herd the commoners towards a greater good, no doubt. Stating things such as "lel, kruber merc" or "look, a bardo :)" are encouraged, for they are easy and effective measures to assert masculine dominance and motivation over the low-lifes.

Alas, on to the actual playing.

Your primary priority should of course always be to be the first to run to the nearest grimoire. Anyone trying to get there first, such as those useless melee-commoners or, god-forbid, that squishy Unchained class, must be cast aside, lest they take what is rightfully yours!


With the grim in your possession, the team will experience an increase in morale and naturally be predisposed towards keeping you safe, treating you with proper veneration befitting your superior status. To aid this task, using a necklace with Natural Bond is also helpful, as is stating that you have this trait (ex.: "Can't heal, btw :)" ) only after you claim the grim as yours, so as to emphasize the worthiness of protection you enjoy. This tactic is especially brilliant on Legendary, where your brittleness will warrant proper bodyguarding from the faceless peasants making up your team.

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Remember, you are a ranged player; you have better things to do than meddle in the affairs of melee-mortals. If the common footpads keep staying back, trying to tell you to pick up healing items, remind them with a stern bolt to the face that you require no such things, you will easily regenerate and whatever of your bar that remains bare can be filled by mowing down hordes. If you fall it is always because the peasants didn't watch your back.

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