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The possibility of Engineer as Bardin’s next class and how it can be different from Ranger

warhammer 2 - The possibility of Engineer as Bardin's next class and how it can be different from Ranger

For the record, I have a feeling it's going to be Runesmith because Fatshark seems to be leaning into the winds of magic (pun intended), but I personally would like to see Engineer instead of Runesmith as Bardin's next class, and here's glimpse at why and the possibilities:

First, let me dispel a common thread I see here. Engineer Bardin can be vastly different than Ranger Bardin while still being good at range:

– A quick look at Foot Knight and Grail Knight reveals how two seemingly similar archetypes can be much different.

– While Ranger Bardin does provide bombs/pots/ammo to teammates, Engineer Bardin can use his engineering skills in different and unique ways involving bombs, ammo, weapons and through a unique ultimate.

Possible abilities:

– passive: When Engineer dashes, he leaves behind a small bomb that damages and staggers enemies in a small AoE. (What a fun and useful tool this could be, though it might be tough with friendly fire).

– passive: Engineer has a contraption on his back (think turret) that can be outfitted through talents to fit multiple different actions in response to some trigger. (Ex: when Engineer is damaged, his turret shoots exhaust at the attacker, staggering and burning the attacker while venting overheat. Ex: When Engineer damages an enemy, his turret focuses fire on the same enemy, bullets or drakefire. Ex: When an ally is hooked or pounced on by a disabler, Engineer's turret shoots the disabler if in range and visible. Ex: When Engineer is downed, The turret fires drakefire/bullets at nearby enemies).

– passive: Engineer adds drakefire to each bullet fired, dealing AoE burn damage on all ranged attacks. This should also increase overheat.

– active/ultimate: Engineer lays down a decoy that attracts all enemies. (If an ultimate, it could blow up after given time and/or after taking a set amount of damage, dealing damage and staggering enemies. This would give Bardin more function like IB to attract enemies, but via a damage dealer instead of a tank)


– active: Engineer set's up a turret that fires drakefire/bullets at nearby enemies. adaptable through talents.

– Ultimate: Engineer Triggers an explosion at his location (and at turrets location?) that deals AoE damage that exhausts overheat and deals damage based on overheat. (Unique to Bardin, but similar to Unchained Sienna)

-Ultimate: Engineer supercharges his turret (being on his back and/or one he's placed), making it deal much more damage and increases max overheat for a short period of time. (unique point control style that would be very useful in Lord fights as well as securing a location).

Unique Weapons:

– Can use drakefire weapons

– Unique 2H warhammer that deals AoE damage and generates overheat with charged attacks. Basic attacks preform similar to regular 2H hammer.

– Dual weapon that somehow integrates a drakefire pistol with a melee weapon. Not sure how this would work, maybe it has a special attack like Salty's rapier that fires the drakefire pistol.

– Turret in ranged weapon slot? Could be cool, could also be annoying. Might go well with previously mentioned dual weapon in melee slot.

These are just some ideas I've been thinking about, but the possibilities with Engineers goes much further than this. The have a vast arsenal at their disposal and could provide a unique and beneficial combat system that would set Engineer apart from any class Bardin has to offer.

Either way, I'm excited with the direction Fatshark is going by adding unique classes for each character. Grail Knight was a raging success and I hope that success continues with each new class!

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