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The powerscale of the Ubersreik 5 compared to lore

warhammer 2 - The powerscale of the Ubersreik 5 compared to lore

This is a post to give an idea of the Ubersreik 5 powerlevel compared to some characters in lore. I made this since what the U5 can or can't kill is a common discussion topic and it's fun to talk about. I'm gonna base their power on a skilled players capabilities and from what we see ingame.

So to begin what have they killed?

Well some pretty impressive stuff. They have killed rat ogres, trolls, chaos spawn, minotaurs, stormfiends, chaos lords and sorcerers, a greyseer and even a demon infused sorcerer. The most important of these in my comparison to lore is the stormfiend and I'll come back to why later.

Now a skilled player is expected to be able to solo all of these enemies on pretty much any difficulty with relative ease barring nurgloth. This is also supported ingame since in the prolouge we find kerillian standing next to a rat ogre she has killed by herself so this checks out.

Now the important part is finding a comparison in the lore to give us an idea of their power. For this I have chosen Nakai the wanderer and are gonna give two examples of his feats. Firstly a moment that makes him a kind of warhammer doomslayer (kinda like gotrek) when defending a bridge in itza during a chaos invasion Nakai killed so many demons that these immortal beings of war became to afraid to go anywhere near him, which is pretty badass. The second example is during clan pestilens invasion if Lustria where Nakai fought a huge disease infested rat ogre and barely won.


Here is where the ability for the U5 to kill a stormfiend comes in, because stormfiends are made from the biggest and strongest rat ogres making them in my opinion similar in size and strength to the one he fought. They don't have the magical diseases but make up for this by having powerful weapons this making them pretty equal in power.

And since any member of the U5 will tear a stormfiend to absolut shreds I'm putting them on a powerlevel similar to that of Nakai or even higher, Making them a force to be reakoned with.

To make their feats even more impressive you have to keep in mind that they are able to accomplish all of this without any legendary enchanted weapons or armor. Just imagine what they could do if kruber had the warhammer or bardin a runeaxe of Grimnir or kerillian the moonbow. I would say the closets example would be grail knight kruber using the enchanted sword he uses as his ult as a normaly equipped weapon, pretty op to say the least.

Tldr: the U5 are on a powerscale similar to or higher than the majority of named characters, such as my example Nakai a firstborn kroxigor. The fact that they do this without any special weapons or armor is even more impressive.

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