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The Practical WHC Guide: Stylish Crits

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These last few weeks I've been seeing a lot of discussion about Saltzpyre's Witch Hunter Captain (WHC) career. Opinions are divided, but overall I think people are starting to come around to WHC. It's not immediately the most interesting class; it's finicky, requires a lot of specific gear, and is a unique playstyle. I wanted to post a no-nonsense and easy to understand build so that more people can experience this really fun class. Good hunting!

  • Class: Witch Hunter Captain

    • Animosity (20% Crit Chance and AoE pushback)
    • Extra damage to tagged enemies (All team tags count/max 4 tags)
    • Critical Hit Headshots instakill non-bosses/non-chaos warriors
  • Talents:

    • Charmed Life (20% Dodge Range)
    • Deathknell (25% headshot damage)
    • Wild Fervor (When tagged enemy dies, gain 8% crit chance for 6s)
    • Righteous Zeal (Temp HP on kill)
    • Redoubled Purpose (30% CDR)
  • Weapons:

    • Rapier: 5% Crit Chance/10% VS Chaos + Resourceful Combatant (2% CDR on crit)
    • Brace of Pistols: 5% Crit Chance/10% VS Monsters + Scrounger (2.0 ammo on crit)
  • Gear:

    • Necklace: 30% stamina block cost reduction/20% Health + Boon of Shallya (30% better healing)
    • Charm: 5% Attack Speed/10% VS Skaven + Concoction (All potion effects, 50% duration penalty)
    • Trinket: 5% Crit Chance/33% Curse Resistance + Shrapnel (20% damage on bomb hit for 5s)
  • What This All Means:

    • This build is all about using your rapier to instantly kill anything that isn't a Chaos Warrior or a Mini-Boss/Boss. Your passive 20% damage bonus on tagged enemies applies to your entire teams tags (up to 4 active tags). When taggable enemies die, your crit chance goes up 8%. In ideal conditions (when you ult), you'll have a 43% crit chance for 5s. With the rapier's attack speed and crit rate, you will literally shred through everything in your path. So long as you keep your aim at head level, you kill just about anything on a headshot. This will also help you quickly regenerate your lengthy Animosity cooldown, and make it a more consistent part of your kit. Chaos Warriors will require help from your team, but you can use 3 heavy stabs to eliminate them. For bosses and specials, your Brace of Pistols will do some serious damage and you can keep firing for longer than you would think. You are very fragile though, so keep mobile and dance around the battlefield. It's best to stick by teammates and just weave from the frontline to the backline. Do not get surrounded. You can block decently from the front, due to free light attack blocks, but you cannot take too many heavy hits. That 20% dodge bonus will be your ultimate defensive tool.

  • As a test to see how viable this build was, I played a Champion match with just the default 5 power equipment (Rapier/Brace of Pistols). Even without accompanying properties or traits, you can do SERIOUS work with this build so long as you remember your fundamentals: positioning, mechanical skills, and teamwork. WHC is a fantastic support class that will make everybody on your team stronger, so long as you take some initiative and play together. Tag all the elites/specials/bosses you can. Use your ult to create space and give everybody a serious crit chance boost. Use your damage bonuses to shred whatever stands in your path.

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