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The problem with Vermintide 2?

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The problem?
I've been seeing a lot of players complaining about the heavy RNG in this game in terms of loot and specifying weapons or your build (and I'm sure even getting skins). And rightfully so I must add.

Rolling the correct properties on red items is often tedious enough (to get the 2 desired properties), but it's much worse on an orange item. And since rerolling is nothing more than repeatedly pushing a button, I agree with this opinion.

I think FatShark made this system to give people an incentive to keep playing. And to a degree, it works. Many people keep playing the game (at least, I think they do) to get (more) red weaponry and skins. The rerolling of properties also falls under this same category. It's an incentive to keep people playing.

I'm fairly sure the majority of the player-base would like to see much of the RNG removed from the game, or at the very least, drastically changed.

That leaves the question, what does keep people playing? Will people keep playing Vermintide 2 if they get all the gear they ever need after (a theoretical) week of playing?


What's a solution?
What does keep people playing? What keeps you playing?

What's a good alternative to the RNG system to give people an incentive to keep playing the game?

Are long term goals to work towards a good incentive? Such as the challenges for finish legend on all characters and finishing 500 deeds? Should FatShark add more of these challenges?

Adding new maps will of course keep people playing for a longer time, but the same problem will likely return. Will the addition of Deathwish keep people playing? And Onslaught?

If you could give 1 piece of advice towards Fatshark for trading the RNG incentive for a different incentive, what would it be?

For me personally, (aside from VT1 maps), it would be official Onslaught/Deathwish with matching challenges to boot. Ie. finishing Deathwish on every career.

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