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The Pyromancer is Garbage.

warhammer 7 - The Pyromancer is Garbage.

Sorry. I generally avoid talking crap on any of the characters in this game. I would go so far as to say that every single other character is perfectly playable and while we can argue about how some may be slightly better in specific content/scenarios, they are all pretty effective.

Except Pyro. I generally do not understand the developer's intention with this class. There is a crit build which would be nice except she (A) can't generate THealth on Crits and (B) doesn't do anything special when she actually crits. Perhaps if she had something like "Reduce OC when you crit" (this would be a really fun passive actually) or "Deal 200% more damage when you crit" or something, there would be a point in creating the ultimate crit build. Instead, they give literally the only class with a high base crit rate potential (not during an ult's effects) zero benefit to actually scoring a crit besides damage. Additionally, her ult has nothing to do with crits.

With a bolt staff, crits are unreliable. If you really need to one shot something, you don't want to rely on a crit even if its >60% chance. For spammable ranged weapons like the fireball staff, you could make the argument that the high crit chance just translates into higher damage. This may be true, but you could also run BW (more on why not just run BW below…) with more burn damage and probably end up doing the same level of damage… UC can also spam spammable ranged weapons significantly faster due to her high health, venting, and ult resetting her OC (Pyro also has this, but the thealth one is probably better).

Her Ult is probably the worst ult in the game except for the fact that she heals 35thealth off it with a particular talent. Though, keep in mind that Mercenary, UC, and RV all do the same but with the whole team and on top of many other effects. The ability to one shot a CW is fine….but I can kill it in like 5 seconds with a shade even without her ult. Also, I've noticed anecdotally the Waystalkers ult seems to just work better than Pyro's despite their similarity.

She needs to specifically select a talent in order to not reduce her atk spd at high OC which is basically essential for a character that is more effective at high OC. On the other hand, UC gets it for free even though her class isnt centered around having high OC (though she also benefits, just not as much).


I've heard some people say the 1H sword (not fire) does a ton of damage with the crits. This appears to be true but it still isn't the best against armored units and there are way better weapons in this game without the crits (perhaps not on sienna, but in general).

To be fair, she conflicts with two of the best classes in the game. UC and BW are probably both in the top 5 classes by a lot of peoples standards. UC is amazing simply because she's tanky, heals the team, and can dish out quite a bit of damage. BW literally has 3 extremely different builds that are all incredibly overpowered, despite most classes only having a single viable build (not talking just different weapons, but different playstyles entirely). BW also has an ult that can function as a safety net and team support through revives and ulting to stun and then kill troublesome enemies. UC's ult heals the team, staggers enemies around her, resets OC, and charges itself when it's needed most. Pyro's ult kills a single CW or 1-2 SV and can either heal ONLY herself OR reset her OC. What gives?

Waystalker is probably the closest class to this one. While both are equally high skill characters (as theres no escape ult if you mess up), the waystalker at least has an extremely high damage output through her ranged and melee weapons making her arguably the best in terms of pure DPS (which isn't everything, but its something).

All other classes are insanely viable (though I'd like to see a damage buff on HM). The BBB is probably the best patch this game has ever put out and finally put all the other characters on somewhat equal footing. Sadly, I cannot see any actual reason to run Pyro over any of the other classes.

I have similar problems with the engineer – he is also a high risk character that is supposed to dish out a ton of DPS, but doesn't. However, he's pretty new and I think they'll end up tweaking him rather soon. Or at least, I think they're aware that he's a bit underpowered.

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