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The Results from a 300 person reddit poll on why people play vermintide

warhammer 10 - The Results from a 300 person reddit poll on why people play vermintide

Bottom line up front here are the results.

     Google forms has shit layout in its results so ask me about any stat that doesn't have its option clearly tagged. Putting it in the number of responses it got and the percentage it was chosen over all would help me respond.

     So for example the first response "Fast Pace" is 162 (54.9%)


     I'm going to talk about the top and bottom 30% of responses to show what people play the game most and least for. Afterwards I will mention a few things that I think Fatshark should do. Keep in mind that balance and bug fixes are not the focus here, those issues will sabotage any part of the game and "are a bug, not a feature".

Top 30% of reasons people play Vermintide

  • The Unique Fighting Mechanics of Vermintide 242/300 82%
  • Team Based PvE 234/300 79.3%
  • Character Interactions Between the Ubersreik 5: 229/300 77.6%
  • Killing Rats 228/300 77.3%

     With an honorable mention of:

  • Experiencing the Warhammer Setting and Lore 203/300 68.8%

     We learn some interesting things here. Three out of four of these points all relate to each other in that they involve how Vermintide is a team based first person fantasy game where you fight through hordes. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. The premise of Vermintide has always been a simple one and it remains popular to this day. I would take away from this that if the game fails it is not because the interest is not there it is because Fatshark kills the Goose that lays the Golden Egg.

     The character interactions between the Ubersreik 5 means to me that Fatshark has clearly done a good job with this element of the game and should invest in it further. While Warhammer as a setting didn't make the top 30% it came very close and I think to me (considering how popular the Ubersreik 5 are) it means that players enjoy but Fatshark hasn't quite hit the mark on. In this sense I think while Weaves can be enjoyable they are ultimately a misstep in their implementation because they feel gamey and separated from the Warhammer universe despite being inspired by the 8 weaves of magic.

Bottom 30% of reasons people play Vermintide

  • Streamers Playing the Game 7/300 2.4%
  • Destructible Items on Maps (lanterns/bottles) 48/300 16.3%
  • Opening Chests 53/300 18%
  • Earning Achievements 68/300 23.1%
  • Tome and Grim Hunting 80/300 27.1%
  • Team Compositions 81/300 27.5%
  • The Game is a L4D successor 87/300 29.5%

     These responses here are interesting. The first two I won't remark on, beyond saying that they could be opportunities to wow and surprise players because so few care about it. The low ranking of opening chests communicates to me how much people are not happy with the loot system. It's not fun or exciting, you always know you are getting trash once you get to a certain level. Achievements don't improve the experience for a lot of people so no surprise with that. Book hunting does surprise me, since I find it fun to find them and the challenge they bring but I think this clearly means the experience could be better.

     The last two stand out to me. Getting the right team composition doesn't matter to a lot of players and it seems that is a non-insignificant chunk of the weave experience. But the last one is where I disagree with the community. It seems, considering the top 30% responses, that the reasons why people play Vermintide are reasons why people played L4D years ago. It means to me that Fatshark has a niche in the market that players weren't being provided before it showed up. And to me that means that if Fatshark isn't careful then there is a chance that another game could snipe away Vermintide's player base if they aren't careful.

Some new ideas and solutions that I came up with while looking at this:

  • Character classes should provide more in character dialogue between characters. There should be more voice lines of the characters responding to levels as different classes.
  • New Skaven enemies should be introduced, like rat swarms.
  • Overwatch does a really good job of giving people ways to interact with the map, even if its in just the spawn point. Fatshark could learn some lessons there.
  • There should be more variety in trinkets, charms, and jewelry. Something to spice up opening loot boxes. I'm personally trying to equip all my characters with lore appropriate gear and it is hard if you are a non Empire character. (So if you are playing 3 out of the 5 characters)
  • The Athanor system should have replaced base crafting.
  • Tomes and Grims should provide more character interactions between the UB5 and enemies. Something to deepen immersion of having them. Perhaps a line from Saltzpire where he talks about destroying the grimoires or plague priests screaming about getting the "Holy Text" back
  • There should be gear traits that are activated when you hold tomes or grimoires. Something to make holding them more fun.

     And Finally:

  • The Next Expansion should be in Parravon, Bretonnia.

     I'll make a post about that later.

     What do you see that interests you in the results? What do you agree or disagree with me on?

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