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The simple weapons guide to Vermintide 2 – know your Deathstick:

chivalry screenshot1 - The simple weapons guide to Vermintide 2 – know your Deathstick:

Hi there,

since it seems theres a lot of confusion about weapons being bad, not „viable“, or even „unusable“ I decided to write up a little, purposely vague guide for what your weapons does. I played about 370h hours of VT2, finished all missions on legend, failed all missions on legend (mostly qp), and played all classes with all weapons in a variety. (Kruber 82, Dwarf 41, Elf 50, Salty 43, Sienna 53). All weapons are definity useable, sure, some tweaks for some weapons are need, but most of them are relativly fine if you know your their purpose. This is not a guide for Ingame-situations and how to react, rather for you knowing what you can do in those situations. Ive written this guide only from my ingame experience with missions and dummies (1.08, semi-reliable) and the weapon feeling. There are a lot of awesome sites for numbercrunching showing exact damage and and stats which imho is not really needed but nice if youre into that kind of research. Also notice that this a rough guide, and does not reflect on specialities on specific weapons like „how easy to headshot with etc. You have to find that out by playing and your own judgement.

Weapon categories(not to resenble the actual weapons, more of a functionality category)

For melee weapons:

Sword-style: most attacks are wide, sweeping, cleaving nicely against non-armored

Axe-style: most attacks penetrate armor, low target cleave and sweep

Mace-style: hybrid of sword and axe, some attacks are sweeping wide and cleaving, some attacks focus on anti armor

Special: special purpose, functionality, doenst fit any other category directly

For ranged weapons:

Slow: solid armor pen, slow but heavy hitting attacks

Fast: fast(er) rate of fire, low(er) armor pen

Special: special purpose/functionality




Sword: One-handed Sword, Two-handed Sword, Sword and Shield, Mace and Shield

Axe: Halberd

Mace: One-handed mace, Two-handed mace


Slow: Longbow, Handgun

Fast: Repeater Handgun

Special: Blunderbuss



Sword: Hammer and Shield

Axe: One-handed Axe, Two-Handed Axe, Axe and Shield, Dual Axes

Mace: One-handed Mace, Two-handed Mace, Special: Pickaxe (Axe-Mace hybrid)


Slow: Handgun, Crossbow

Fast: Drakefire Pistols

Special: Grudge Raker, Drakegun



Sword: Dual Swords, Two-handed Sword, Spear

Axe: Glaive

Mace: One-handed Sword

Special: Dual Daggers (Singletarget), Sword and Dagger (Singletarget-Sword hybrid)


Slow: Longbow

Fast: Swift Bow

Special: Hagbane Bow



Sword: Two-handed Sword

Axe: One-handed Axe

Mace: Flail, Falchion

Special: Rapier (Singletarget-Sword hybrid)


Slow: Crossbow

Fast: Volley Crossbow, Brace of Pistols

Special: Repeater Pistol (Fast+Special hybrid)



Sword: One-handed Sword, Fire Sword

Axe: – (← This is a part of why people are upset with Siennas weapons)

Mace: Mace Special: Dagger (Singletarget)


Slow: Fireball Staff, Conflagration Staff

Fast: Beam Staff, Bolt Staff

Special: Flamestorm Staff

Ofcourse everything is debateable. Feel free to express your opinion or to make your own categorisation. Happy Rathunting.


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