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The state of specials right now.

warhammer 2 - The state of specials right now.

After playing this game for hundreds of hours, playing it when it first released in the beta, and playing a bunch of vermintide 1 far before this game released, I want to say a few things about some of the specials in this game.

Blightstormers: They can still cast through metal and wooden fences. This means that if you don't have a character with autoaim (waystalker/pyro), you won't be able to shoot the blightstormer when he is casting at you. This can cause wipes.

Globadiers: These monsters will toss globes while outside of your line of sight, meaning without autoaim you can't shoot them back before they get both tosses off. Their aim is pinpoint, even with extremely long distance throws. I've never been in a legend match where a globadier wasn't able to get a toss off. This wouldn't be such a problem if cataclysm didn't spawn triple globadiers all simultaneously. (not a bug, but still extremely difficult to deal with)

Assassins: These guys have had an issue with the speed of their jump since the beta. There will be times where when an assassin jumps it will be slow as molasses, and others where the assassin will jump at lightning speed. The problem with this is that it makes dodging them inconsistent, because when assassins jump at unpredictable speeds it's much harder to dodge them.


Hookrats and assassins: These guys have and always had an issue with audio cues, or rather the lack thereof. I've had instances where a hookrat/assassin will make the audio cue of them spawning, but then the actual sound they make while running around cannot be heard until they are 2 feet away from you. Sometimes I straight up will not hear a hook rat even when it grabs me. Even patrols will spawn completely silently up until we run up to them. This has been reported as a problem at least a few dozen times on this subreddit since release, and it has still not been fixed yet. This makes it even more of a problem on cataclysm with triple spawns.

Gun rats: These fuckers are able to spawn in a location where they will wait for you to run into their line of sight, without making any sounds due to them not moving around. In addition to their sometimes instant spin up times, I find it unfair to come around a corner and get blasted by a gun rat I had no way of knowing was around the corner because they can be straight up silent.

The thing that really disappoints me is that these have been issues since the BETA. The very first beta of the game releasing, with MANY PEOPLE REPORTING THESE BUGS OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

I don't understand how Fatshark hasn't fixed these yet.

Edit: Sure, downvote me all you want, I don't give a flying fuck. Doesn't mean that these issues don't exist and that people haven't been complaining about them for YEARS. What, do you not want these to be fixed? Idiots.

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