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The State of the Subreddit: Umgak & Downvotes

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Where do I start. I am active here since June 2016, and the current state of the subreddit is worse than anything I've ever seen. All the familiarity is gone, people get downvoted for their opinion or out of spite and the front page is an absolute mess. I've seen comments that compared this subreddit to the Steam forums already.

But first things first. I see two issues with this subreddit.

1. Too many memes.

V2 brought a lot of new people into this subreddit. That not only increased the number of active members, but also the amount of threads per day. We had maybe 10 new threads per day back then, now it's 30+.

And lots of that are memes. Everything (and that includes random pictures of rats) that does not fit any criteria is simply labeled "Umgak". Am I the only one that's bothered by the amount of shitposts here?

2. The downvote "feature"

Second, and what's more important and near and dear to my heart:

There is a huge amount of people here who don't understand what downvotes are for. Downvotes are, if you hover your mouse over the downvote button, "for content that does not contribute to any discussion".

Nope, not in this subreddit.

Back during V1 times, page 1 of this subreddit was full with highlights, speedruns, modded difficulty runs and true solos. You know, personal achievements. Challenges that made no sense other than to show what's possible in this beautiful game if you're dedicated enough. For example, every new J_sat true solo was celebrated. This guy inspired us all.


Nowadays, regular game play often gets downvoted into hell. For no apparent reason other than "I don't like the way he/she plays the game", "I don't like his/her weapon choice" or even "I don't like this player".

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Recently, and by recently I mean yesterday, I posted the Community Challenge #3. The only reason that it's not buried (like the other CCs) is because it's pinned. The only 2 submissions so far got downvoted – why?

Another (bad) example:

Kruber's 2nd best melee weapon? merc 2h sword true solo legend by u/Steelshift, just posted yesterday as well. This guy true solos Fort Brachsenbrücke with 2h Sword as Merc, which is as off-meta as it gets, and he gets 61% upvotes. Why?

Why would you downvote a video where someone else put hours of effort into?

Let me ask you, the V2 community:

  1. Do we really want to demotivate people to try true solos and other hardcore stuff like speedrunning by downvoting?

  2. Are all the shitposts ("Umgak") really how we want to welcome potential new V2 players to this subreddit?

To solve the glaring issues with this subreddit, I see 2 simple solutions.

  1. Umgak that's not game-related (like pictures of random rats) should get deleted.

  2. The downvote "feature" should get disabled.

I personally think we're far away from the Steam forum in terms of toxicity, but there are issues that need to be solved.

What do you think about the state of this subreddit?

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