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The story about a beautiful tragedy

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I just had that bizarre experience that is quite rare in VT, I think.

I played with some randoms on Quickplay in Legend, we failed the map miserably, one of us left. But host stayed and started next Legend. We agreed to play. During the map 4th member appeared, but we failed again pretty quickly and he left. It got apparent that our host is underperforming and can't keep up, dying constantly. The 4th random never stood for long, died immediately, left, inted or appeared while the bot was dead and left. So we were in 3 people about 80% of time. The rest of the team, me and the 2nd guy, were doing quite a good job, but not good enough to carry the game.

But the host did not rage. Was unpleased with the game, but kept running another and another map.

We both kept agreeing to play it.

It took us like 5 missions at least, more than 1.5h long, to load on Halescourge. We got another 4th member, who died in the middle of a game, without listening to our pleads to back off from a dangerous area, but we kept going. Right before the boss we got a low level 4th member, and our 2nd guy decided to kick him out, which we did – but he logged again during the fight.

He died first.

Host died shortly after him.


2nd guy was cought in a tornado, I don't even know how did he die, because I was chased by a horde and 3 berserkers.

Too much enemies to bear, becasue Buckbeak Hailscorch kept poisoning me, I had to get to the revived friends ASAP.

I managed to do it but by mistake revived the low level guy, and I died right after because enemies broke my block.

He revived the host, who managed to stealth and revive the 2nd guy and then he got downed too – but not killed. Before they killed the boss, i showed up again and got revived.

We finally killed the fat bastard and went to the portal. We WON.

In the Keep host, that I suspected to be an unpleasant person (due to blaming the game, instead of himself), actually said he's sorry for his performance. That he tried his best and need to learn. We departed with smiles and good humour because of finally finished mission, even though with only 2 tomes, 2 dices and nothing more.

Good luck host, thanks for the game 2nd guy. It was really great to be a part of that disaster streak.

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