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The Trophy Room is cool, but a bit empty. Let’s collect some suggestions for Fatshark so we can improve on that!

warhammer 2 - The Trophy Room is cool, but a bit empty. Let's collect some suggestions for Fatshark so we can improve on that!

Hello everyone, Geheimnisnacht is here and I love the new spooky look of the keep! I also like the trophy room and think it is a neat idea to have a place where we can view the loot we grabbed from the corpses of our foes… it is a bit empty, though. Sure, the weapons themselves are pretty epic when they are on display, but the shelves next to them are collecting dust as we speak and it looks like there needs to be something to fill it up.

Why not have similar trophies for other, smaller enemies as well then? They don't have to be as big as the Lord trophies since they are obviously not as special as a Greyseer or a legendary Chaos blade, but something to put in there would be nice. So here's my proposal: We as a community try to come up both the trophy we could display there, the little challenges or requirements for them to be unlocked and collect it all in this thread so that Fatshark can take a look at what we want and maybe consider it for future patches. I'll start with a few examples:

  • The hook from a Packmaster: Kill 100 of them and you unlock a hook dangling from the side of the wall.

  • The sack from a Sack Rat: Collect 20 dice from their sacks in-game to unlock the sack in one of the corners, maybe with "used up" looking loot dice still in it.

  • A mannequin dressed up in a complete suit of Stormvermin armor: This one could be a tiered unlock as there are lots of SV on the map. You kill 100, you get the helmet, you kill kill 500 overall, you get the sword, etc. until you finally have killed enough for the entire set complete with shield!

  • It would also be cool to have one shelf dedicated to special events or other rare occasional items to showcase our dedication to the game. For example: Give every event like Geheimnisnacht, Sonnstill or the Khorne one a simple token. It doesn't have to be something new – a simple skull for Khorne, a pumpkin for Geheimnisnacht or a little flower for Sonnstill would do. After that, dedicate one spot in the shelf to each token and allow us hardcore fans to collect them all. As for past events… maybe tie this to the frame, so that it will automatically get unlocked and the trophies can be rewarded retrospectively. Would make both events feel more special and give us something permanent other than a frame that most of us don't use most of the time anyway.

  • Vermintide 1 goodies to showcase our veteran status. Have the chandelier dangle from the ceiling if you own Vermintide 1 (should be easily doable since we get special skins as well already) and put the old V1 completion banners in a corner somewhere! Thanks for the suggestion, u/Rubanite.

  • Wall-mounted busts for every monster after youd efeated them a few times. A Roger head would look good on a wall. The Chaos Spawn could have a tentacle mounted ont he wall instead. Thanks, u/400umbrellas

  • Have a bookshelf that fills itself up more and more as you collect books during your runs. Maybe have 2 or 3 rows for tomes/grims each and with every 25 rescued books you add one book to the shelf. Would be a cool longterm quest to fill it all up. Thanks again, u/400umbrellas.

  • Have a plaque on the wall for each career you completed 100 Champion/Legend games with. There is currently no way of indicating that you have done them outside of the hats and I am sure people would love to show that off somehow. Thanks to u/Plaques for the suggestion.

If you have other ideas, just post them here and I will try to update the thread to collect all of them. Thanks for reading, enjoy Geheimnisnacht!


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