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The Two handed Swords problem : Part 2

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Around a month ago, I made a post about how to solve the problem of 2H Swords being, well, bad. For the ones that don't want to read it (and I honestly understand you don't want to) : 2H swords are the best horde killers, but deserve some tools against armor. Changing the push attack to an armor piercing overhead could solve the issue.

If I do this post, it's because I mostly spoke about Kruber's 2H sword, barely spoke about Victor's and completely ignored Kerillian's. There's also something else that is very important that I want to speak about here.

So, during the last month, I played with Victor's and Kerrillian's 2H swords a lot. I mostly used the same kind of build I used with my Mercenary's 2H sword : max attack speed and crit chance, Swift Slaying and a secondary to deal with armor/specials. As for breakpoints, you can't reach some interesting ones with 2H words : who needs breakpoints when you never stop attacking and doing crits ?

Victor's 2H sword was mostly useful when playing Zealot : the crit chance and attack speed increase you can get from Zealot can turn you into a horde killing machine. I think everyone should try to use your active on a horde with the 2H sword. By Sigmar it is so fun !

Of course, you would also feel the big weakness of the weapon : if you met an armored target, you wouldn't be able to do shit. I used the push-attack on Victor's 2H sword more than when using Kruber's 2H sword but it was always for the same reasons : to deal with some lone enemies sneaking behind me.

The idea to have a push-attack that can deal with armor can still work for Victor

As for Kerillian's 2H sword, there's something I noticed immediately : opposed to other 2H swords, Kerillian's 2H sword can deal with armored targets. It still sucks against them, yes, but you aren't worthless when one shows up. And this is thanks to the charge attack.

For the ones that don't use this weapon much, the charge attack is composed of two armor-piercing attacks : a stab and a swipe. The stab itself isn't as strong as an overhead but do reward aiming for the head, while the swipe, certainly the reason Kerillian's 2H sword isn't crap, allows to go back to your swipe attack chain without getting stopped by armor !

I, in all honesty, do not believe Kerillian's sword needs any form of rework. But I want to point out something /u/Vindicare605 said in the previous post I made, that describe the relation between Kerillian's 2H swords and other 2H swords :


The Elf's two handed sword when you play with it REALLY highlights just how inferior the human swords are.

I mostly used the Elven 2H sword on Handmaiden, and I have to say that having crazy mobility AND unmatched horde clearing is pretty good. But, if you can still one-shot Chaos Warriors with it, I'm sure it would be much better on Shade. You could technically use it on Waystalker, but you would kind of drive away from the standard ranged-focused playstyle the career offers (same critism for Bounty Hunter)

However, there's something I didn't mention in my previous post that is an absolutely valid criticism toward 2H swords, which is the number 1 reason they are bad and that I completely agree with :

Those weapons are outclassed

Yes, they are the best against hordes, but are still outclassed. VT2 isn't about specialization, it's about versatility. It isn't about being the best at something, it's about being good enough at multiple things.

  • Victor's 2H sword is visibly outclassed by the Falchion and the Flail, which are both good enough against hordes but can also deal with armor.

  • Kerillian's 2H sword is outclassed by both the Glaive and the Spear. Even if both (but this is much more true for the Spear) are rather stamina-dependent to deal with hordes, they can do it well and also deal with armor (especially true for the Glaive which can pretty much deal with hordes of armors)

  • Kruber's 2H sword suffers from it the most : the Executioner's sword, even if it's a bit slower against hordes, can deal with them and have a powerful charge attack for armors ; the 2H Hammer, even if it relies on charge attack, can deal with hordes and quickly deal with armors ; the Halberd, even if limited by how fast you can block-cancel, can deal with hordes and obliterate armors.

If those weapons were gone, you would certainly see 2H swords much more often. But right now, as long as there's weapons that there's anti-armor weapons that are good enough, and the 2H swords doesn't have some decent method to deal with armors, there will be no reason to use them.

I apologize for this long post. If people enjoy them, I will try to do more "The X problem" kind of post. If so, my next post of this kind will be about Shield weapons.

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