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The Two handed Swords problem

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TL;DR : suggestion to change the push attack so 2H swords can deal with armors

I think we can agree that some weapons are stronger than others. Here, I want to speak about Kruber's and Saltzpyre's Two handed swords.

I mostly use Kruber's 2H Sword when playing Mercenary since I don't like the Halberd (I know it's much stronger, but I don't like, to use it, that's it) on Champion/Legend, and I understand why people consider this weapon inferior to other options.

In my opinion, Kruber's 2H sword can be one of the best melee horde killer for him. Yes, with Halberd you can chain M1 -> block -> M1, but with 2H sword, you simply never stop attacking. The normal pattern is never stopping. Even the Executioner's sword have a small pause after the third attack. 2H sword is a quick, two attack pattern that allows non-stop attacks.

Have some attack speed, crit chance and Swift slaying, you can turn into a human lawnmower (but you mow Skaven and Chaos instead of grass).

But the big, BIG, weakness of the 2H swords is armor. You simply can't deal with them. You have to get a ranged to deal with any armored, at any range, in any situation (or rely on your teammates which isn't always possible). This isn't a problem with other melees like the 2H hammer, Halberd or Executioner's Sword. Your charged attack is a joke to them either, and this isn't truly compensated by it's impressive horde killing abilities : all the weapons above can deal with them too.


So, how can we fix it (and do the same for Saltzpyre's 2H sword) ?

I don't think changing the charge attack is the way to go. Even if it's useless against armors, it's an excellent way to initialize a horde and activate Mercenary's passive. On top of that, it would be another version of the Executioner's Sword if it was changed to a strong single-target attack.

Changing the light attacks either wouldn't solve the issue as it is the bread and butter of the 2H swords.

The solution is, for me, to change the push attack. As someone that uses push attacks a lot on other weapons, I barely ever use it on the 2H sword. And when I do, it's to take care of THAT one rat who sneaked behind me. And it's also ANOTHER swipe attack. Why use a stamina-consuming swipe when I already got two others that does the same thing ?

Turning it into an armor-piercing overhead or stab would not only solve the armor issue these weapons have (while still keeping them inferior to other, more specialized options, since you will be limited by stamina), but also make push attack useful.

Sorry I did a big thing for a simple suggestion. Thank you for reading.

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