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The visuals of loot earning is terrible. Please remove boxes, Remove card flipping, just give us the items like you used to.

chivalry screenshot1 - The visuals of loot earning is terrible. Please remove boxes, Remove card flipping, just give us the items like you used to.

I'm not sure how you feel about the new way of earning items in Vermintide 2, but I strongly dislike it, and I'd like to go into detail about why and compare it to Vermintide 1's system.

  • To clarify it early on, this topc is is NOT about the mechanisms of how we earn and improve loot quality through collectibles / successful mission / other variables, this is purely about the psychological part of RECIEVEING the earned loot.

Vermintide 1's system was great for the following reasons:

Vermintide 1:

  • It showed us a tower of items. At first glance, you saw the tower, and the possibility of earning an item from it that you want. Say this item was on the middle of the tower: if you scored lower, it gave you motivation to do better next time by risking more Grimoire's, Tomes, wanting to explore for dices instead of skipping.

  • If you scored above your desired item type, what little disappointment it came with was compensated by a better (or equal, but more often better) reward so it never felt like a loss.

  • Also unexpected but great quality rewards for other characters strongly encouraged the player to try and enjoy other characters.

  • The universe of Warhammer fantasy originates back to tabletop games, and throwing dices felt like a nice pointing at it's home and heritage. Also it made sense that you can find special dices, and overall just the fact that you rolled dices felt more "in universe" and real.

Vermintide 2 I think got it all backwards, for the worse I belive.

  • We don't see a list of potential items in lower-to-higher quality order. We get a lootbox which completely removes the sense of progressing higher up on the tower. This is replaced with making the boxes better quality instead. Technically it could still be a tower, a pool of RNG items, but we see none of that, we see a mystery box.

  • Which leads us 6 different rarity of lootboxes that on it's own is cluttering when it comes to having a unified, cohesive design of earning loot. I have an inventory, I earn items, there is no need for a box in between.

  • There is especially no need for stacking these on top of each other, such as earning a box, opening a box, earning cards, flipping cards, then you have your loot. It just feels so free to play shit I can honestly says it hurts my experience and the prestige of Vermintide I want to feel after buying the game.

  • The dicerolling is now gone, and while I understand the desire of reducing the randomness of it, the visual representation of the RNG roll itself was great to have. It's still just the same RNG but now the player interaction is removed, we don't roll, we just wait for sparkles and cards. Now collecting special skaven dices make no sense because it has no context within the game whatsoever why it is dices you collect. The same way we improve boxes now on a digital bar now that reminds me of a battery charge on my phone could be used instead to guranatee "light up" scores of a dice roll. Meaning if you earn a 100XP (number is subject to change and serves only as presenting an example) that's one guranteed "light up" dice. 200XP is 2, and so on. Get rid of the filling up digital bar.

  • The general feel of opening lootboxes came possibly the worst time. When everything from CSGO to TF2, from PUBG to Heroes of the Storm, from Heartstone to Star Wars Battlefront 2, from League of Legends to Need for Speed has lootboxes and with worse and worse business practices attached to them, this is sending a really wrong message and while I do know Fatshark stated loot earned through gameplay, not money, you can take it guranteed that if the game makes it headlines about the lootboxes it's going to be a generic title such as "Vermintide 2 features lootboxes", and that's the message everyone will get who doesn't bother reading into the details.

Now one point between these 2 that may spark an argument is earning loot for random characters. Currently I think this is implemented through the game reading who you open your loot with, but it's way too early so it can be pure chance that I always earned loot for the character I opened the box with (this is the generic box, not the level up green one). I for one enjoyed having random stuff but I see the benefits and people wanting character specific loot. I say, why not both? We could have a switch to flip at any time that turns on "character bias", so your loot is more likely to be for the character you earned it with during the mission, or on and make it completely random. Injustice 2 uses this system and prooven to be working great.

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