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Theory on the new classes

warhammer 7 - Theory on the new classes

All the new classes relate to the whispers of Drakenfells and the five’s responses to them.

Was talking over this with a friend the other day and we started noticing how much of the new dialogue relates to Drachenfels, and that by this point in the potential timeline, the U5 have gone and faced the whispers of Drachenfels during blood and darkness. We theorize that each new class exists as a response to these whispers and their regrets.

Kruber’s guilt stems from his lack of principles. Drachenfels accuses him of caring only about money, a pure mercenary without any higher purpose. He resolves this by finding his higher purpose as a Grail Knight, a servant of the lady, defender of the weak, and warrior of principle before any petty love of coin.

Bardin’s guilt has to do with his failures in the past and resulting estrangement from his family. He resolves this by embracing his family trade as an engineer and working to restore his relationships with his wife and daughter (which is also why he stops dying his beard). Under this theory, I suspect the remaining new classes can be guessed at based on the Drachenfels dialogue.

I’ll start with Saltspyre as he’s my main. Saltspyre’s regrets relate to him executing a girl he suspected of being a vampire. He doubts that his hatred and inquisitorial nature is truly the best way to serve Sigmar and his people. He has judged the innocent, and his fury has spilled onto those it was meant to protect. I suspect he will act on this and re-focus his zeal into a more protective nature, giving rise to the Warrior Priest, a melee/support class that buffs his allies with battle prayers to increase attack speed, damage reduction, and grant temporary HP. He’ll come equipped with Sigmarite great hammers and Sigmarite dual hammers.


Next, Sienna. Sienna’s regrets relate to her lack of control. She’s burned more than a few past friends with her powers, and continues to do so on champion difficulty and above. She’s also mentioned a desire to return to the colleges, so I suspect her new class will be the Magister, a control focused wizard which offers some alternative to the overheating system (maybe charges?) and reduces friendly fire damage. I like the idea of Flaming Sword of Rhuin or Cascading Fire Cloak as a special, with a new battle staff melee weapon and perhaps some kind of Firewall casting staff.

Finally, Kerry. Saved for last mostly because I don’t know what she’d be. Her regrets relate to the fall of Ubersriek in an attempt to protect Athel Loren. Drachenfels also mentions a kinship with the dryads and her relationship with Lileath. We came up with three different possibilities. Firstly, out of a newfound desire to protect and heal, she trains her abilities in magic (as all elves can be wizards) and becomes a spellsinger of life. I consider this to be the least likely as it would cause the most drastic change to her playstyle. The second theory was that she would embrace her connection to the spirits, becoming altered by the forest into a melee only “Dryad” class with a special that causes her to attack with unique branch talon weapons. I consider this to be less likely as the new classes generally seem to be more positive than the 3rd class, and turning into a dryad is not exactly a happy ending. Finally and most likely would be her leaning into the connection with Lileath and becoming a different kind of support specialist. Lileath is a goddess of herbalism and healing, so this Herbalist class would focus on gathering resources from the level and crafting potions, medial supplies, and healing draughts on the fly, possibly with some sort of gas or poison based special.

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