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Things loved and lost in Translation from VT1 -> VT2

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As a disclaimer – know that I'm still enjoying Vermintide 2 and look forward to its continued improvement and expansion. FWIW, I have about 30 hours into it (compared with ~100 in VT1).

Disclaimer aside, there are some things that VT1 did that I REALLY miss in Vermintide 2.

Mission Map/Selector Interface

I like maps, and so aestheically the mission selector in VT1 I thought was cooler. But more specifically, in VT2 I can no longer tell what difficulty I've completed each mission on. This is really frustrating, and I'd love to see the little "skull" icons brought back so I can tell what missions I've finished on what difficulty.

Quest & Contract Board

The daily quests and contracts were a huge reason to keep coming back to the game day after day. Whether it was picking a mission to get a pot of crafting materials or working towards a powerful weapon, it was just an awesome system. The deed system in VT2 doesn't really cut it. I've played ~30 hours and only found a single deed. I really miss the quest contracts.

The Crafting + Loot System

I'm sure I'll eventually come to like VT2's crafting system, but my god is it just slow and clunky to use. FWIW, I much preferred the basic design and approach to crafting and upgrading items from VT1. It was cleaner and easier to use. The inventory screen in VT2 is also hard to parse, and the icons for items really need to be made more distinct and/or sortable in some manner.

The Missions Themselves


This might be controversial, but I really liked the diversity of missions in VT1 a lot more. Granted, a lot of missions were added via DLC or in updates, but even so, the basic diversity of the mission structure was greater in VT1. I loved that more of the missions had some specific objective (other than killing rats) that you had to work towards as a team – whether it was carrying barrels around, collecting stacks of grain, defending wells, carrying a torch. The mission design required the team to make a choice whether a given player would spend their energy on the fight versus the mission objective. This made things much more interesting IMHO.

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In VT2, the mission settings are beautiful and awesome, and I love the inclusion of chaos and the greater number of enemy types – but the missions themselves all play out in almost the exact same way, which makes it all feel a bit more boring to me.

As one anecdote, I have a really hard time looking at the mission selector and remembering what mission is what, despite playing this for 30 hours. They just aren't distinct enough in terms of gameplay or your objective (and the name) in comparison to VT1.

Anyway, I'm sure as DLC and updates come online, mission diversity will go up for VT2. But i really hope to see more missions that mix up the experience and don't make it such a "kill rats" only type objective, and instead add other tasks for the team to do along the way. Hopefully we'll see missions fro VT1 ported over to VT2 – I'd gladly pay for all of that again. And of course, I hope to see the mission selector, crafting UI, etc. improved over time.

That's all!

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