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Things We Don’t Do in Public Legendary Runs

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Can't believe I'm writing this list after playing with a whole squad of level 30s

  1. Why would you grab the grim when your team is barely scraping by, if the match is proving difficult why would possibly think it's a good idea to make it harder. Tomes I can understand since they don't effect the AI Director, but grims? Seriously? For one, if you all die you lose whatever chance of gaining a better vault that grim would've given you, and secondly you lose the ability to take a potion which can make your life so much easier.

  2. Please play to the strengths of your class and build, I wince every time I see a BH rushing forward to take a horde instead of using his ranged weapon. Or a Ironbreaker who sits at the back during hordes. Each character brings something to the table, and if you're not using that advantage then you're being useless. Normally I'd be the first to say "fu*k you I paid for this game and I'll play it how I want", except you can't really do that because it's a 4 player COOP game. And if you're good enough to solo legendary and you don't need to cooperate then go do that instead of making three other people's game needlessly difficult.

  3. Have you even unlocked all the talents on your character? Does that character even have decent gear? If your answer to both of these is no then don't bother, no matter how good you are, skipping to legendary and champion with a new character will make you look like you're garbage at the game and your teammates will have to carry you.

  4. Stop swiping all the draughts and med supplies. It's not a competition to hoard healing, and if your teammate needs it more than you just let them have it (obviously doesn't apply if you're also critically injured). If you notice a teammate is leaving heals even though they're injured then they're probably using natural bond and will need to be healed using medical supplies. This applies to potions, within reason. Giving Ranger Veteran a potion of concentration will do nothing, give it to a Foot knight and he'll sperg the fu*k out and charge everything.

inb4 fu*k nb

  1. Be wary of shooting your teammates and be wary about stepping in their line of fire. Having a little more awareness will save you a lot of health.

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