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This [IMO] is the Best Bug in the Game and It’s Hilariously Good

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What's happening in these pictures? Well let me tell you. I've been playing with a bug that gives your melee hits extra damage and health tap – real, actual chunk full of temp HP. It's absolutely amazing in legend for survivability and I have no clue why or how it works.

I've spent tons of time in real and modded realm trying to find out how it works, what it does, how to trigger it, what weapon/talent/hero/class combination makes it work, and it's just too wildly inconsistent to come up with a conclusion. Try it at your own leisure to see if it works for your class/weapon combo. I've searched this extensively on different platforms and I've yet to see any inkling of what's going on.

Here's the general formula:

zealot + falchion/axe + BoP with barrage + CW/Boss fight = your melee hits trigger barrage stacks and chunks of temp hp.


Barrage is a range weapon trait that gives your consecutive attacks against the same target a 5% power increase for 5 seconds, stackable up to 5. You can see the icon appearing in the bottom left corner, same as the hunter trait icon. I originally thought it may just be a graphical glitch, but testing in modded realm did show considerable increase in damage.

What's cool about this bug is that, your melee hits will trigger barrage counter immediately, and it stacks regardless if you switch targets or not. So you can spam on horde as much as you want and you'll get to x5 (25) power in seconds. Combine that with the extra 3.0% for every nearby enemy and stack up to 5 times (no surrender zealot talent), and the fact it gives tons of temp HP, you literally just never die (unless disabled or straight overheaded that bugs out heart of iron, down before it triggers).

If you try this and do find out why this happens please let me know. Cheers.

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