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This is what I meant when I said lootboxes will get you bad media

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Following up on this topic: https://www.reddit.com/r/Vermintide/comments/7zneic/the_visuals_of_loot_earning_is_terrible_please/

For those of you who don't know who PartyElite is, he (and milkandcookiesTV) are the leading content creators for Total War: Warhammer. You know how every game's community has it's somewhat iconic figure that if you ever bother to subscribe just one or two youtubers for the game you love, you'll 99% chance subscribe to these figures.

The link above starts near the end of the video, but point is he has great fun plaything through a mission, and since this is his first video of Vermintide 2 this is how much of the Total War community will see Vermintide 2 for the first time, because even if I think everyone who loves either knows of the existance of the other, you'd be surprised how many had no idea of the Warhammer Fantasy after the second(!) TW:W game (TW:W2) launched last year.

What these people see is this.


And I can gurantee you if Vermintide 2's makes it to a newpage like IGN or Kotaku or another on the scale of those (putting reliability aside, they have a huge reader base) you can bet they'll clickbait prey on the topic of Lootboxes. Why wouldn't they?


The only way we know we'll never have paid lootboxes is that Fatshark comfirmed that in a few reddit posts. I don't think we need to discuss how this message to doesn't go far enough for everyone to hear who is just scrolling through on a news main page or youtube subscriptions.

And this is on top of the fact that we who follow the game and Fatshark's posts also I belive it is safe to say aren't a huge fan of getting boxes, to get cards, to get scrap.

But regardless of the media itself, it is worth noting what the initial reactions are. Obvisouly PartyElite is doing promotional content as that's what he got a beta key for, and you don't talk shit about what you are supposed to promote if you want to get these invitations from various studios. Notice the immediate off putting, displeasing, damage control way of "not sure how I feel about this" that's in PR language pretty much the equivalent of "seriously, fu*king lootboxes here too?", right before stating he has no idea about the business model and if there are going to be microtransactions or not.

This isn't a thread about bashing PartyElite of course, but to point at another reason among many (discussed in the other thread) lootboxes need to go. I'm not sure if Fatshark wanted to be trendy with them but in case you haven't cought up with the trends yet, lootboxes are the most hated things in all gaming communities right now.

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