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This performance issue with EAC NEEDS to be addressed before anything else

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Since the beta of VT2, I've been one to advocate giving FS the benefit of the doubt, and I've often found myself thinking that people are are being way too hyperbolic and emotional in their criticism (aka whining).

However, the implementation of EAC and what it's done to the performance of the game has changed my mind.

It's insane that FS would implement this with the hit to performance this gives. Before EAC was turned on, I was able to play at Medium-High settings where the game looks pretty good, and get a solid 50ish FPS.

Now? I can't even get a consistent 30 unless I turn the game way down and have it look like shit. It makes me not even want to play.

What concerns me is that it looks like Fatshark is making the same mistake Blizzard did with Diablo 3 when D3 first came out–a huge record amount of sales for the company, and really popular upon release, Diablo 3 nearly killed itself by basing its design almost entirely around the loot chase, and not actually around making the game fun.


The fact that EAC was implemented despite the huge impact it has on performance (along with other decisions like the droprate of reds) tells me that Fatshark are concerned about one thing more than anything: maintaining the value of their loot system, rather than keeping the game fun. They don't want people being able to cheat and give themselves a bunch of chests, because why? I don't know, they don't even have microtransactions. Maybe it speaks to what kind of content will come with their DLC. Maybe FS isn't confident that they can keep their player numbers up without putting loot just out of reach for the majority.

The game has been rendered unplayable for me. Before, I enjoyed the gameplay and the graphics enough to be worth whatever bugs I encountered along the way. Now, the game looks like ass for me, performs like ass and many of the bugs still seem to be around.

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If FS release DLC before removing EAC or fixing the performance issues some other way, then I'm at least one previously loyal fan that won't be buying that DLC.

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