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Praise the Sigmar!
I am nobody, just a person who likes to analyse stuff and come up with ideas how to improve/fix things. Also, not a native English speaker. Let me start with the most important thing: so far I love V2 and have lots of fun with it. Everything I will list below might sound like a huge problem, but those are just things that IMHO could go better, that's all. And feel free to disagree, I would like to see what people think about those. So let's start:

  1. Classes

    • Pyromancer is a bit too similar visually with Battle Wizard. Bothers me every time. All careers (maybe not WW vs HM) are very distinguishable from another, beside those. I bet it wouldn't take long for an artist to create a simple difference between fire soldier-mage and I-studied-fire-magick-extensively mage.
    • This is very heavily subjective (since many people like Huntsman) but IMHO Huntsman and Ranger Veteran are visually and mechanicaly a bit too similar. On career skill both goes invisible and deal more damage with ranged weapons. It works, and is kind of fun, but I'm pretty sure they could be changed a bit to boost the differences. I feel like I'm playing the same character.
    • Witch Hunter Captain's passive and active ability. Someone, not long ago, posted an idea to swap their places and I'm all for it. Heaving a crit aura as a passive (maybe for 3seconds after striking a crit hit yourself?) and being able to start a "Witch Hunt" against one taggable opponent, that would increase the damage of all party members, seems like a better idea and justifies the long cooldown more.
  2. Talents

    • Small, hard to feel talents should be erased or moved deeper into the talent-trees. If I didn't love Warhammer, the idea of playing for a long time (several hours) to get "5% attack speed" would make me heavily disappointed. There's a huge potential in 5% crit, 5% movement speed or decreased spread of ranged weapons when you think about it damage-wise, but it does literally nothing for people who doesn't try to power-game it all, like new players. More 'active' passive talents are a better idea. (Following ideas are only examples of possible solutions, numbers are just for reference) Instead of constantly increased MS for 5%, change it to "move 15% faster toward your allies" or "move 15% faster away from a monster". Instead of "5% crit" change it to "guaranteed crit every 6th attack" or "50% crit chance after killing a taggable opponent" etc. Such talents FEEL way better for players.
    • Follow up to the previos. New players need more satisfaction, and "5% crit" does not help with that. Moving more "boring" talents higher in tier would be a good approach to help that.
    • This is probably because I'm not pro enough but… when the hell "30% increased healing" is useful? Does anybody use it?
  3. Maps

    • Most of them are truely awesome. Jumping puzzles are the problem. As I understand them, jumping puzzles should make taking grim a bit longer than you take a Tome or Supplies. Waste your time, make it harder to find, make you stray from the main path to the victory. Jumping puzzles are a great way of doing that, but collision-problems should never be the way of making them hard! More jumps = more possibilities of failure. Placing the puzzles where you can easily fall down (or have problems starting it, like first Festering ground grim) because of invisible walls makes it frustrating and unfair instead of hard.
  4. Scoreboard

    • Why the hell highest "damage taken" is green-circled. Hillarious, but nonsense.
    • Should include way more actually useful information than what we get. Damage melee vs ranged, kills melee vs ranged – it doesn't matter, could be shown just as "damage" and "kills" and give more space for things like "Healing supplies used", "ammo packs taken", "Ranged accuracy" etc. Those things can show what you've been doing more accurately IMHO. Also I would like to see a "Grimoire bearer" symbol, because your playstyle slightly changes when you hold one (playing more safe, using more healing stuff).

Also an idea of mine for far future:
New game mode where all players play similar characters (np. Dwarven workers) with no exp, levels or talents, on maps not available for Ubersreik 5. The rewards would be crafting parts (and maybe special chests with one item of chosen type?).

Thank you for reading. Don't hate, just tell me what do you think about those and if I didn't include something very important (besides fixing reported bugs and nonsense shit like dust problems). Have a nice day. Let the Morslieb guide you grows a tentacle.

EDIT: Subreddit tricked me. It showed me the title with capital letters, then changed them to small ones. I will get you for that, Tchar!

EDIT2: Also I did not include Weapon balance as an issue, because before Legendary it isn't really a problem. All are quite useful IMHO.

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